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Hay House

Self Improvement, Empowerment, Inspirational

Expand your mind, nourish your soul. Now you can spend the weekend listening to some of the most inspiring authors of today in a unique setting, the I...

Lynn Lauber, Sophia Max

Inspirational, Spirituality, Fiction

The Magic Hand of Chance takes readers into a world like no other-the circus!This charming and inspiring story focuses on the character Voronin in his...

Alan Colmes


In Thank the Liberals, political commentator and Fox News radio host Alan Colmes explains how people who fight for liberal ideals help our country mov...

Tommy Rosen

Empowerment, Self Improvement

"The feeling was electric-energy humming through my body. I felt like blood was pouring into areas of my tissues that it had not been able to reach fo...

Jenny Ross

Alternative Health, Diet/Fitness

Did you know that blueberries are good for the heart and the brain? Were you aware that omega-3s improve concentration? Did you have any idea that the...

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