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Make Your Own Rules Diet

Tara Stiles

Empowerment, Diet/Fitness


The diet makers and nutritionists who have been laying out the optimal health rules over the years have gotten it wrong, and we’ve paid the price big-time. We are sicker than ever, even with the calorie-cutting strategies and fatigue-inducing workouts that have taken over our lives. Sadly, we continue to let outside “experts” control us by believing whoever makes the greatest promise and buying the products they provide. Until now!

In Make Your Own Rules Diet, Tara Stiles introduces you to the most knowledgeable expert on your health: YOU. She throws out the accepted “rules” and helps you tune in to yourself, so you can figure out what truly makes you feel good.  The moment you make this shift is the moment you take back your power and begin to make choices that actually support you.

In these pages, Tara shares her personal story of drifting dangerously away from her own intuition and how it threw her off balance. Then she lays out the tools she used to get back on track—yoga, meditation, and healthy eating—and teaches you easy ways to bring them into your daily routine, so you can cultivate a healthy, strong body; a calm, focused mind; and a spectacularly powerful life.

Get on the mat. Create space in your body and mind.

Get on the cushion. Tap in and follow how you feel.

Get in the kitchen. Cultivate this fun practice that leads directly to radiant energy.

After going through basic guidelines on writing your own rulebook, Tara gives you tips, techniques, and practices, including:

  • A step-by-step goal-setting process so you can figure out where you want to focus
  • Illustrated yoga routines designed to up energy levels, curb cravings, and enhance peace
  • Simple breathing and meditation practices to soothe the soul
  • 50 easy, delicious, plant-based recipes that can be made in minutes
  • A 7-day kick-start program and a 30-day plan to launch your healthy, happy, radiant transformation

And remember, Tara’s just your guide; you’re the expert. But she’ll be by your side to keep you safe, offer support, and give you a little love when you need it. So go inside and get intuitive. Be excited and inspired. And remember to have a ton of fun. Because being you should be fun!

Anything is possible…

Using Make Your Own Rules Dietas a personal guide, you’ll get in touch with what is important for you, your body, and your health. Tara offers a pathway to clear your mind, stretch your body and connect with your intuition so you literally crave what’s good for you. And you do it on your own terms, without deprivation, without rules and without arbitrary restrictions. Tara guides you step-by-step for a complete transformation!

The work you are about to do is all about getting in touch with yourself. You will become sensitive to what you need in the moment because you’ll be able to tap into your intuition. This connection to yourself is so powerful that it will guide you exactly where you want to go. And that’s what makes this program different.

We have to get back in touch with ourselves. We have to recognize our habits and reactions—the wiring that guides how we handle stress in our lives. And we can reprogram it so we react in healthy ways and have healthy desires.

Make Your Own Rules Dietis NOT about dieting. This book is about having fun and being creative. It’s about exploring great tasting foods that are nourishing to you in all ways. And it’s about being free and open to express who you are.

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Dec 13, 2014 alpha_andy_omega
I really like Tara Stiles' approach in Make Your Own Rules Diet. Like many of the new health and fitness books coming out, this one takes a more realistic approach than the books that came out ten or twenty years ago. The books that suggested you change everything and try to stick to a ridiculously, demanding diet and exercise regime for the rest of your life. Tara does a great job of breaking down the rules of the world, and teaching how you can get to know your own rules, or what you need to do to get where you want to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are plenty of strategies in the book to help you get on track, but ultimately this book is about inspiring you to make your own way. Nobody can walk your path for you, so why not make your own rules. I found the parts of the book where the author opens up about her own struggles to be inspiring. The photos and artwork make it a unique meditative book you'll want to read through many times. If you're on the fence about reading this book, you can find Tara Stiles on youtube. Check out her videos and get a better understanding of one of the coolest yoga and health teachers on the planet today. I received a review copy of this book from Hay House publishing for review purposes. I was not paid for my review, and my opinion is my honest assessment.
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Jan 16, 2015 thebalancediet
Nothing quite prepares you for that moment when you have to call an ambulance because your husband thinks he might be having a heart attack.

Emergencies bring out so many random emotions. As the paramedics hooked my husband up to machines to assess his condition, I waffled between being justifiably concerned and scared for him and our family, and nonsensical notions about how the paramedics must be judging us for having our child running around in only a diaper on a cold December night (I was getting ready for bath time when the incident occurred).

My husband was fine, thankfully, and the episode was brought on by too much stress and caffeine and not enough self care.

This was a major wakeup call for us, and we promptly declared 2015 our “year of health.” But where did we start? Neither of us are overweight aside from a few vanity pounds that we’d like to shed before swimsuit season, and no one in our family is dealing with any health issues of any kind.

When Hay House offered me the opportunity to review Tara Stiles book, The Make Your Own Rules Diet, in exchange for a review....I jumped at the chance. Making our own rules sounded like everything we needed! I liked that Tara’s diet plan isn’t a diet at all….It’s based on feeding your body healthy foods, and doing exercise that feels good (Tara’s approach is yoga, if you didn’t know). The book also provides a 30-day plan to get you kickstarted on a healthy lifestyle.

I liked the book a lot…it touched on yoga and meditation (both that I’m trying to get my husband to try) in a really approachable and nonthreatening way, and the recipes were very easy to prepare (great for me…a cook with marginal skills), and quite tasty. The one thing that I didn’t like about this book was that most of the photos were from Tara’s personal Instagram (which I know because I follow her), and while I love her Instagram feed….it made the book feel a bit rushed an unprofessional to have most of the photos be pulled from social media.
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Feb 19, 2015 judyshome

There is nothing in life that I like more than yoga and food, so when it was combined into one book, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

To begin, Tara Stiles' Make Your Own Rules Diet is a book after my own heart because I believe every person is different and has different dietary needs.

Soooo, what happened with me is: After formal education in nutrition, I spent years carefully adhering to "The Rules" set out in my curriculum and thinking I was super healthy and awesome. My acne disappeared and I had more energy than I ever had.

But then I ended up with eczema - Allllll over. I was "doing everything right" nutrition-wise but couldn't understand why I suddenly broke out in this crazy rash. I saw a practitioner of Tradition Chinese Medicine who rebalanced my body. The kicker? He told me to stay off of all the foods that I often ate - lemon, lime, garlic, onion, spinach, etc, etc. No doubt these are healthy foods, but they weren't bringing me health.

This shifted my whole paradigm of thinking and well, left me to believe that people have to pay attention to what their own bodies are telling them and adjust their diets and lifestyles accordingly. I believe that people can't just go by a book written by someone else, or go by what they've learned in school and have that be the end-all-be-all. Soooo, I really liked how Tara Stiles encouraged this inner listening. There's nothing more empowering to be in charge of your own rules - making and breaking them at your own discretion and being okay with it.

I tried two recipes from this book and they were very banana-y. I did a soft-serve Nice Cream made of mashed banana and French Toast substituting banana in place of egg. These were some of the best ideas ever and I felt they were healthy alternatives to the real thing and very creative substitutions.

In terms the French Toast recipe, I tossed the banana into a food processor to get a nice even consistency for dipping - she recommended either using a fork to mash up the banana with almond milk or using a hand mixer. I would have excluded the "mashing by fork method" altogether because I imagine it would lead to a lot of lumps. Not a big deal. It makes this book accessible to people who don't have every appliance on the planet. :D

Based on her recipe, I was supposed to end up with 4-5 slices of French toast. It yielded over 10 slices using measurements given in the book...and I still had some dip left over. Maybe I used abnormally large bananas and she used abnormally tiny bananas. Either way, I was caught off-guard by the vast quantities of French toast I made this morning. Again, not complaining because it was super delicious.

One of my favourite things about her cookbook section is that she often begins with a blurb about how she created the recipe or her personal stories associated with these recipes. A lot of them involved Hungry Tara with few groceries at home. She would improvise using what she had on hand and it lead to creating something awesome. I love it. It encourages readers to also take a chance and experiment in the kitchen annnnnd not to follow the rules of a recipe.

Switching over to the yoga section, I like how there are photos and descriptions of entire sequences. The way she writes is almost like she's speaking to you in a class - it's written in a very inviting way and she offers modifications in the text. I'm a fairly visual person, so I would have loved to see photos of these variations. I anticipate that people (like me) would just imitate what's in the photo rather than taking the time to also read the description and realize that there are other options.

For example, in the upward dog section, I would have liked to see a photo to the side demonstrating low cobra, with the belly on the floor as an alternative. With plank and push-up, I would suggest photos of these poses done on the knees. Left to me, I would probably add one with a big red "x" through it that shows a sagging lower back to instruct people to lift their core beside one done properly with a nice, green check mark. As a yoga instructor myself, I feel that I have to bring extra awareness to lower back safety because it's such a prevalent problem in North America and I see it in yoga classes allllll the time. So much so, that I have about 50 different ways of saying "Don't allow your belly to sag".

Overall, great book. It was inevitable that I would like it - it has two of my favourite things! I'm visiting NYC next month...perhaps a visit to Strala is in the mix?

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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