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The Earth Diet

Liana Werner-Gray



Beauty queen Miss Earth Australia Liana Werner-Gray got a wake-up call at the age of 21, when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening health complaint. Realizing that health issues were holding her back, including in her entertainment career, she decided to change her lifestyle. Through juicing and using the whole-food recipes shared in this book, Liana healed herself in only three months.

This success inspired Liana to create the Earth Diet and make information on the incredible power of plant-based and natural food available to others. She has since used her recipes to help thousands of people with diabetes, acne, addictions, obesity and more.

When you get the essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients your body needs, you can't help but feel better. In this book, you'll find more than 100 nutrient-dense recipes that provide proper nutrition. The Earth Diet is inclusive, with recipes for every person, ranging from raw vegans to meat eaters. It also features specific guidelines for weight loss, boosting the immune system, increasing your energy, juice cleansing and more. If you're looking for great-tasting recipes to help you live your healthiest life ever, then this book is for you.
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Feb 10, 2015 skylarjett13
The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray is a comprehensive guide to eating better, living better, and feeling better. The book starts with the author’s story and why she changed her lifestyle. Finding a tumor at the age of 21 made Liana realize she may need to make some lifestyle changes.

There were a lot of things that I liked about this book. I liked how it not only talked about food but also products around your house including toothpaste, face washes, moisturizers, cleaning products and more. These are all things everyone should be looking at. It included suggested menus for clearing up skin, losing weight, energizing, immune boosters, and others. It also didn’t say you had to stop eating meat which is a problem I have with other similar books.

The only problem with this book is the cover isn't hardback which I sometimes find better for recipe books and using in the kitchen.

I think this is a great book and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to feel and look better.

I received this book from Hay House Publishing for this review.
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Feb 10, 2015 Mikeylynn
You have to have an open mind if topics such as this book are not your norm. I've read other reviews on the book and many people I know would bash this book without even reading it. I definitely don't agree with everything in this book. The author is telling us what worked for her and her mother and I have no doubt that it was good! No cookbook or book for that matter is the "right" book. Everyone is different so that being said- I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was well organized and while I thought it was going to be a cookbook that part didn't really come until the end.

What you put into your body is important and I found it true that she also said the things that your skin soaks up are just as important. Perfumes and lotions and scents all soak into your skin so do you really want some of those things in your system? There is also a wonderful section of recipes for personal care products such as toothpaste and even mascara! I also loved the recipes that didn't have dairy or gluten, as my body can't digest them so good. Liana Werner-Gray also writes about how growing your own produce is always the best or getting things from the local market which I completely agree. Many of the topics I had read about before and were nothing new to me but I did get some good info from this book.

Five stars!

"Thanks to Hay House Publishers for sending me a copy for free in exchange for an honest review."
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Mar 17, 2015 Jeanieber
When a person consumes a diet ‘from the earth’, health happens. Disease is prevented, current issues resolve themselves and the mind body connection is strengthened. I have quite a few books on this subject and The Earth Diet is officially one of my favorites. Liana truly gets it and she shares her knowledge in an organized format that is easy to understand. The ingredients she uses are solid and work well. And yes, the recipes I have tried taste delicious. The Earth Diet is a book about real food and also pleasantly non-judgmental about individual diet lifestyle preferences whether it be raw or meat eating or whatever. Having been a raw vegan for a few years in the past to heal myself from some severe physical issues I understand how food affects you. I’ve done the work to understand and so has Liana. I highly recommend this book. Not to be stacked in your bookshelf or buried in your kindle but in your hands, actively using it.. For your health.
I received this book from Hay House and the opinion is my own.
Jeanie Wild NTP
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