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E Cubed

Pam Grout

Self Improvement, Inspirational, New Thought


E-Squared, the international hit sensation described by one reader as "The Secret on crack," provided the training wheels, the baby steps, to "really getting it" that thoughts create reality.

In E-Cubed (don't worry-there will never be E to the 10th Power), author Pam Grout takes you higher and deeper into the quantum field, where you'll prove that blessings and miracles are natural and that joy is only a thought away. With nine new experiments and more tips on how to keep the gates of the world's largesse and abundance wide open, this book is chock-full of incontrovertible evidence that the universe is just waiting for us to catch up, just waiting for us to begin using the energy that has always been available for our enjoyment and well-being.

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Sep 16, 2014 cmwaugh
Reality up for grabs – Things that make you go hmm!

“Whatchoo talkin’ bout?” a famous 1970s “Different Strokes” television series catchphrase, is a common response I hear when I share Pam Grout’s successful field of potentiality experiments — manifesting a new reality!

Grout is an author, travel writer and works as a freelance journalist for People magazine, CNN and The Huffington Post.

Grout’s new book, E-cubed (E3 ) – Nine More Energy Experiences That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-time Gig, is sure to be in high demand.

I see this new book also heading for the New York Times Best Sellers list.

E3 is a follow-on to her fabulously successful book, E-squared (E2 ) – Do it Yourself Energy Experiments Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Grout’s engaging, funny, poetic and fun-filled quotes and experiments kept me reading through the night. I just couldn’t put this book down!

In fact, I wanted to see the results of one of her experiments so I chose to immediately share Experiment #2 with a friend of mine. Within two hours, we spotted two of the eight possibilities listed in this experiment. We were floored!

Within the next seven to ten hours, two more possibilities stared me right in the face and I have 61 more hours to spot the other four — I can’t wait! So fun!

She refers to eight of the ten experiments as corollaries with titles like “The Simon Cowell (or why you’re not capable of judging anything);” “The nature versus news and why you should get out more;” “The ‘if you say so’ (or your words are wands that shape your life).”

The titles are just three of the nine (there’s a bonus #10, too) experiments that I love most; and, shhh!, there’s a surprise giveaway in the book!

Grout’s premise to her books is so simple.

Oh, and have I said, “she’s one heck of a prolific writer?” She’ll have you laughing, crying and revealing things that make you go hmm!

I love this author, and you will too, when you realize “what Pam’s talkin’ bout” is BAM!, right on.

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.)
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Oct 07, 2014 CKing67
“E Cubed” is the follow-up to Pam Grout’s international sensation “E Squared” in which the author takes the Law of Attraction and feeds it to readers in small, digestible chunks. In “E Cubed” she feeds readers some solid food with experiments to reinforce the idea that thoughts become reality.
In “E Squared” Pam provided eight experiments that readers could do to prove to themselves that the Law of Attraction is real and that if we pay attention to the world around us we can witness miracles. The author takes it a few steps further in “E Cubed” by providing nine more experiments for readers to use to acquire more first-hand evidence that they Law of Attraction is real, easy to access, and easy to use. For example:
The first experiment, The Boogie-Woogie Corollary suggests that we can change our outlook on life and have more good days if we program our brains to be happy. That can be done by deciding to be happy, rather than waiting for external forces to make us happy. The author suggests that readers:
1. Listen to one or more of these songs, all easily accessible on your phone (maybe it could be your alarm?) or your computer:
“Happy” by Pharrell Williams
“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
“Best Day of My Life” by American Authors
“Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley
And others not listed here.

2. Perform the following series of movements:
Pump your fist in the air with complete glee. Repeat five times.
Pretend you’re a Latin American soccer player who just made a goal. In the finals. When the score was tied.
Do the Harlem Shuffle on your way to the bathroom in the morning. Before you brush your teeth.
Go outside and stretch your arms wide to salute the sun that comes up every day without you having to pay for it or ask it to.
The idea is that we can reprogram our brains for happiness by deciding to be happy, starting our days by doing things that make us happy, regardless of how silly it might feel at the time. The author even goes so far as to provide Lab Sheet Reports at the end of each experiment that the reader can use to make it all scientific and official.
I did all nine of the experiments in the book and I have to admit, it does make the day start easier if, upon waking, one jumps out of bed singing and dancing. It’s hard to have a bad morning when you’re dancing around the bathroom singing Pharrell’s “Happy”. All of the experiments were easy to do, fun, and regardless of whether or not they actually produce results, they do make the reader think about how they approach life and how they could change their attitude and live a happier life.
Ms. Grout writes with humor and once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop. I highly recommend this book and I also recommend trying the experiments.
Catherine King
www.True Path
FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Oct 14, 2014 ClorisKylie
Is your life a version of the movie “Groundhog Day”? In other words, do you keep living the same unpleasant experiences even though you are ready for an abundant, fulfilled, and joyful life?

We’ve all been there. We experience what we call reality with our senses, and our mind concludes that our current situation is “just the way things are.” We focus on what is wrong and thirst for what we lack. The result? We move farther away from what we desire.

E-Cubed, the new book by New York Times bestselling author Pam Grout, reminds us that we have the power to manifest the kind of life we want—even if “real” evidence points to something different.

E-Squared, Pam’s previous book, provides nine simple experiments to prove you are the creator of your own reality. Whether you love science or not, experimenting and testing is always fun. Pam was able to bring an element of fun and adventure to spirituality, and this is one of the reasons her book was a New York Times bestseller for weeks.

How is E-Cubed different from E-Squared? While E-Squared provides the fundamental principles to tap into our manifesting power, E-Cubed teaches us ways to establish a clear connection with this power.

E-Cubed shows us how to feel good.

When we feel good, we align with the energy to not only overcome obstacles, but avoid them altogether.

When we feel good, we remove our attention from memes (beliefs) that tell us our life has to continue being the way it has always been, or that something is too difficult to achieve. As Pam says, “Our 5,000 years of education on the reign of lack, limitation, and gloom has blinded us to the simple, unchanging goodness that’s forever on our side.”

Pam contrasts these memes to a new view of life: “Worldview 2.0.” In this updated version of our world, everything is possible.

The memes and their corresponding Worldview 2.0 versions are:

“The world is a menacing place” vs. “There is nothing to fear.”

“Life happens to me” vs. “Life emanates from me.”

“Events happen; therefore, I feel bad” vs. “Without this training, joy is my natural state.”

“God is an entity outside of me” vs. “God is a state of being, a loving energy that flows through me, sustains me, and surrounds me with light.”

“My job is to judge between right and wrong, black and white” vs. “My job us to create, not to critique.”

“I think, therefore I am” vs. “What I think for the most part is irrelevant.”

“No pain, no gain” vs. “There is no reason to struggle.”

“It’s important to look at my faults, to name my problems, and to strive to improve” vs. “I already have everything I could ever want or need.”

“It’s me and you (and I’m not sure about you) against the world” vs. “”The universe has my back and is constantly sending me blessings, gifts, signs, and guidance.”

“I have to do everything myself” vs. “The only thing I have to do is follow my joy.”

“I have to change. I’m scared to change. It’s hard to change” vs. “I can flip whatever I believe at any moment.”

“I have to try really hard to be good enough” vs. “My worthiness is not at stake.”

The teachings in this book, while spiritual, are also grounded in scientific reality. Quantum physics explains that the physical nature of particles changes depending on who perceives them, and this can be translated as, “Our thoughts create our reality.”

If you are ready to feel good and start designing your life the way you want it, read E-Squared and follow by reading E-Cubed. And remember, as Pam wisely says,

“The way I see it, there are just two things we need to know:

The universe has our back.

Everything is going to turn out okay.”

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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