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Angels of Abundance

Doreen Virtue

Self Improvement, Empowerment, Angels, Business & Finance


In their travels around the globe, Doreen Virtue and her son Grant (the best-selling authors of Angel Words) have met thousands of talented people who dream of being healers, spiritual teachers, or writers; or of opening healing centers or schools. They also long to be able to afford organic food, vitamin supplements, exercise instruction, trips to spiritual power places, and wonderful homes. However, they don't move forward because they don't understand how to attract the financial resources that are the basis for how the physical world operates.

Doreen and Grant wrote this book to show you how Heaven can give you material and emotional support as you strive to attain your life purpose and manifest everything you desire. Each of the 11 chapters features a message from the Angels of Abundance-the specialty angels who ensure that your Divine mission here on Earth isn't hampered by lack. Whether you wish to have more money, time, ideas, or opportunities, the Angels of Abundance will hold your hand and help you over the hurdles that have kept you from realizing your dreams-until now!
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May 18, 2014 LisaAlaiana

Abundance means a feeling of security and safety. Abundance has nothing to do with how much you have in the bank, or even how your finances are managed. Abundance is about feeling financially secure in your life and the ability to pay your bills. Abundance is not only about money and finances but having plenty of time, ideas, confidence, love, and every other positive condition you can imagine. Our Creator made everything abundant, and is constantly creating new forms of abundance. Abundance is so natural that you have to take extraordinary measures to prevent its flow! Abundance is our natural spiritual state of being, and we’re constantly surrounded by Divine beings who want to protect and nurture us, and help us achieve our potential.

I found the book Angels of Abundance to be full of light. Abundance is available for everyone and after reading this title you will agree too. There are many things we subconsciously do to sabbatage ourselves and all of this will be brought to light as you read Angels of Abundance. Much of this book is very inspirational even if you feel you are not trying to create more abundance in your life. Doreen and Grant Virtue offer some great insight, inspiration and motivation in Angels of Abundance throughout the entire book. Heaven has a few more messages for you to help make your life what you always thought it should be and those messages are awaiting you in this book.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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May 17, 2014 awatson
Doreen Virtue’s latest book, Angels of Abundance: Heaven's 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance, co-written with her son, Grant Virtue, consists of 11 messages, each serving as a stand-alone chapter in what can easily be considered a Law of Attraction (LOA) 101 course.

In addition to covering the well-known rules of the road such as crystal-clear intentions, asking, believing, and then receiving, this book also incorporates a few “stars” of the angelic realm. The appendix features reader testimonials of successful manifestations, while the final chapter contains two powerful meditations that can be used alone or as a complement to other manifestation practices.

Angels of Abundance: Heaven's 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance is a nice starting point for those who are new to Law of Attraction, as it is a very light read that is not bogged down in excessive details or doctrine. However for those who are well-versed in LOA and metaphysical studies, this book may seem like more of the same. It contains a lot of information that has been covered in previous works; therefore it may not meet the expectations of readers looking for new or more comprehensive principles.

I received this book free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes. The views expressed in this review reflect my honest and unbiased opinions.
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May 28, 2014 thebalancediet
A few weeks ago I read and loved Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Dreams, so when I was given the chance to receive a free copy of her latest book Angels of Abundance in exchange for a review I jumped at the chance.

Angels of Abundance is a guidebook to abundance written by Doreen Virtue and her son Grant Virtue. Abundance’s main focus is financial abundance and how we can work with our angels to achieve it, but the book also gives tools and steps for things not financially related such as money or time. This book was an easy read and was broken down into eleven messages or lessons. These lessons were all related, but at the same time stood alone. This made it easy for me to read as I could finish a lesson and go back three days later and not feel lost or backtrack in order to refresh my memory.

As with many of her books Doreen and Grant included affirmations, prayers, techniques and tools to use in order to get started manifesting abundance immediately. It also helps the reader by outlining and identifying potential blocks to abundance that might be present in our lives as well as ways to clear them. The end of the book also includes some actual stories from those who have succeeded in attracting abundance into their lives.

I would definitely recommend this book and won’t be shocked if I find myself reading it multiple times.
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