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Angel Dreams

Doreen Virtue

Intuition, Spirituality, Angels, New Thought


Dreams are gateways to other worlds, times, and planes of existence. They are sacred portals through which we receive powerful messages from Source, often in the form of symbols brought to us by our dream guide and the angels.

In this book, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue discuss where dreams come from, how to interpret them, what role angels play, and whom to call upon for guidance. You'll gain tools to enhance your dreamtime journeys, including techniques for creating your own dreams and improving your recall upon awakening. In addition, you'll learn to identify the different types of dreams by reading personal stories and interpretations that will help you decode your dream messages.

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May 01, 2014 awatson
I recently received a copy of Angel Dreams: Healing and Guidance from Your Dreams from Hay House Publishing for review. This latest book from Doreen Virtue was co-written with Melissa Virtue, and explores the topic of dreams and the roles the angels play while we are in the dream state.

Nine of the archangels are featured, as well as their dream specialties. The reader is educated on various techniques, such as how to create or program dreams; and dream preparation and recall methods. Also covered are the meanings of a handful of the most common dream symbols including: animals, colors, nightmares, prophetic dreams, visits from deceased loved ones, falling or flying in a dream, and the messages brought by the angels.

Although the meanings of dreams are the focus of Angel Dreams: Healing and Guidance from Your Dreams, I appreciated the wisdom of the authors concerning the importance of becoming one’s own interpreter as opposed to relying too heavily on dream dictionaries, which tend to be rather subjective. For readers seeking a more expansive and balanced dream “dictionary,” I would recommend Denise Linn’s The Hidden Power of Dreams: The Mysterious World of Dreams Revealed.

Overall I enjoyed the simplicity of the messages presented in Angel Dreams: Healing and Guidance from Your Dreams, which made for a fun and inspiring read.
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May 06, 2014 thebalancediet
I’ve always been interested in dream interpretation, but have recently started studying angels. Obviously this book drew my attention by title alone.

Angel Dreams- written by clairvoyant and doctor, Doreen Virtue and her daughter-in-law Melissa Virtue a scholar of angels and dreams gives us an introduction to how to interpret our dreams and the roles that our angels play in using them to give us messages.

This book was a very quick read and overall entertaining and insightful. It has helped me glean deeper meaning from the dreams I’ve had since finishing it as well as given me tools to access if I need assistance from my angels during sleep or if I would like them to send me a message. The book is written in a positive and approachable style and features not only explanation, but actual accounts of people being contacted by angels in their dreams.

While I enjoyed this book, I felt like it barely grazed the surface of what it could be. I found myself unable to put it down and was disappointed when I reached the end. It left me wanting more, and I hope that these insightful women write either a follow-up or companion book so that I may further my research and practice in communicating with my angels.

I give this book four stars because I would have liked it to have been a little longer and more detailed because it was so interesting!

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.
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May 25, 2014 BookLover
Angel Dreams: Healing and Guidance from Your Dreams by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue is a wonderful little book on dreams and asking angels for guidance with our dreams.

This book is broken up into two parts. In the first section entitled, “Part I: About Angel Dreams”, we are taught how each Archangel can help us with our dreams, how to recall our dreams, and how to create our dreams. In section two, “Part II: Interpreting your Dreams”, we are given some basic symbols and their common meanings. We are also taught about problem-solving dreams, past-life dreams, and angel messages among other things. I enjoyed learning about some of the techniques to enhance dreaming and also how each Archangel can support us during dream time.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to anyone interested in dreams. I think some of the information would be known by those who have studied dreams for awhile. That being said, I think they may also find something new.

I acknowledge that I received this book free of charge from Hay House in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of the book.
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