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The Pillars of Health

John Pierre

Self Improvement, Empowerment, Inspirational, Spirituality


The Pillars of Health introduces four solid principles that provide a strong foundation for vibrant and lasting health: nourishment from real food; creative stimulation for the mind; joyous physical movement for the body; and a spiritual philosophy focused on compassion, love, and peace.

John Pierre shares over 25 years of practical knowledge and unique techniques that have inspired lifelong changes in thousands of people worldwide. Everyone who reads this book will look at food, movement, creativity, and compassion in new ways that delight, encourage, and spark transformations!

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Sep 10, 2013 Mystic812

The Pillars of Health by John Pierre covers alot of territory in a book of only 227 pages. The book starts off talking about "real food" as opposed to processed food. There is a handy daily food reference chart which lists food groups and a general guide for amounts you should eat per day. In this chapter there are only a few recipes for smoothies (try the Pumpkin Pie Smoothie!) and salads. I was expecting there would be more recipes in the book and was a bit disappointed with that. There is also a section on using essential oils and there are a few recipes such as a disinfecting room spray and a relaxation spray. The single largest portion of the book is dedicated to exercise. There are numerous photos illustrating various types of exercises using a jump rope, bands, a chair, a Flexi-Bar, etc., and specifics on how to strengthen different parts of your body. The book also touches on the subjects of mental acuity and positive thinking and examines some supplements and how they relate to brain health. The last part of the book is titled "The Pillar of Compassion". It's a great chapter with lots of advice on how your thoughts and words effect people with advice on how to be more positive in general. Overall, I enjoyed the book. Initially, because of the title, I was expecting more information on food and recipes. Personally, I would have enjoyed more of that and less of the exercise illustrations, but it depends on what you are looking for in this type of book.

FTC Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Sep 12, 2013 connielivingston
This was a really fun read! Pierre has a great, holistic approach to helping individuals find their "foundation for lifelong wellness." The four sections of the book cover nutrition, mind, motion, and compassion. This is a really interesting - and different - way of approaching health. It was great to page through each section and discover new ways of supporting overall health as well as approaches that were familiar but with added tweaks.

Pierre covers, in the first section, how our culture is truly in a nutritional crisis. The author discusses the negative effects of our harried lifestyles and the negative impact it has on health and nutrition. He then discusses "real food" (so sad that this even has to be re-defined!)

In the second section, Mind is the focus. He discusses, here, how we can support brain health. He then moves on to Motion which talks about how important moving our bodies is! There are great photos in this section with recommended tools to make exercise fun and easy.

Finally, the author discusses Compassion and how we can go about cultivating that in our lives. Lots of great ideas here! These four "pillars" of health make so much sense when one takes the broad view and considers how each supports the whole body. I loved the information about how to help individuals focus on good nutrition and other positive lifestyle habits to avoid taking medicines treating ADHD and other conditions.

Pierre even went into using high-quality essential oils which I was pleased to see since I've also found them to be so helpful in my family's health and well-being!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Sep 17, 2013 Yvonnemg74
I want to start out by saying that I don't believe in everything that is printed in this book. I am a meat eater, and I always will be. I don't think all meat is bad for you. BUT, reading this book has made me think a lot more on some of the other things I have been ingesting. I have been planning a while to change the way I eat, and The Pillars of Health is really motivational in this respect.

The Pillars of Health starts out with the ways we are believing we need to eat, and what is wrong with those ways. We watch commercials tell us how we should eat, but generally those commercials are spouting the most unhealthy meal choices possible. How are we to know what is right and what is wrong when we are always being told a mixture of both? The book continues to explain how eating right can help us, both mentally and physically.

I really do believe that food can heal. It's something I learned in college and it is something that has stuck with me since then. I think that if we eat the right foods we can fight illness, whether we are fighting something we've already got or something we are trying to avoid. This book really delves into the process of eating right for health, and I love that about it.

However, The Pillars of Health isn't just about eating right. It's about living right too. What we eat is only one small part of living a healthy life. Getting the right amount of physical activity, and choosing the right modalities towards health matter too. This book really is an all around guide to living a better and healthier life. I enjoyed the fitness tips and the recipes too!

*In an effort towards full disclosure, I must let you know that I received this book free from Hay House for review purposes.
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