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Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life

Eric Pearl, Frederick Ponzlov

Empowerment, Inspirational, Spirituality


Why are prominent doctors, quantum physicists, and researchers all over the world interested in the seemingly chance encounter that Dr. Eric Pearl had with one of his patients? What was it about that encounter that would not only radically accelerate the trajectory of his life, but ultimately affect the lives of millions . . . and will most likely profoundly affect your life as well? What is this phenomenon?

 In his international bestseller, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Dr. Pearl taught readers how to access and tap into a comprehensive spectrum of energy, light, and information previously inaccessible to anyone, anywhere. In doing so, he allowed us to entirely transcend complex healing "techniques" and bring about dramatic, often instantaneous, lifelong healings and life transformations! Since then, the world has clamored for Eric's second book. His response? When I have something else to say.

Today Dr. Pearl, in collaboration with Frederick Ponzlov, indeed has something else to say. You might have to reconsider everything you've read up until now about healing, consciousness, and our four-dimensional existence here on Earth. As guided by the spirit of Solomon, a multidimensional intelligence that speaks through Frederick Ponzlov, experience firsthand the insights imparted during the evolution of this unique transmodality known today as Reconnective Healing. Now you can discover these insights and apply them to your life—insights that have revolutionized the healing world and given us the key to access the immense power that we each have within our lives. Solomon speaks. . .

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May 22, 2013 mindyperkins
Three generations, sitting around a table, reading aloud from a book...laughing. How often do you see this in the days of technology, isolation and everything “i”? Well, Solomon Speaks: on reconnecting your life by Dr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov had my family doing just that. Even before we hit Chapter 1.

And that's the other oddity about this book. I'm not into prologues. Hardly ever even glance at them. I'm a jump-in-with-both-feet kinda reader, who usually skips the first few chapters to delve right into the heart of a book.

So, here we were, three generations of us, reading about Eric and Fred....and laughing. And then we hit Chapter 1. A vastly different energy fell over the room. One of reverence, befitting the deep wisdom imparted by Solomon, the entity (or group of entities) channeled through Frederick Ponzlov. Yes, despite Eric and Fred's lively storytelling talent, they allow Solomon to “speak” in his own pure words. Now, I love channelled works, so I'm a bit biased on this...but this had to be a hard call for Fred and Eric...make it pure or make it funny.

In the end, it's the message that matters most. And the message is both timely and applicable to all. He starts out with a general knowledge, speaking of quieting the mind, tapping into intuition, expanding focus to a wider perspective and reaching for the highest energies possible in each moment.

Although the premise is to tap into the energy healer within each of us, even if that isn't your thing, the words of themselves bring healing. Lifting our perspective from the duality of third-dimensional living to the Universal Truths beyond. It urges us to remember who we are, to lift our heads from the suffering we cause ourselves and others, and welcomes us to the simple art of living beautifully.

Now, as a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I found that Solomon adeptly described the most effective method of transmitting energy. Simple. Profound. Energy healing is all about letting the energy “do” while you just “be”. He confirms that anything more complex than the simple art of letting the energy flow is for our own means...whether to keep the mind occupied or to help us enter the state of “Beingness”. It isn't necessary to the art of healing.

In the end, I felt the best message is that of responsibility. We automatically hand off our responsibility and take on the responsibility of others. Soloman states many times that it is his job, as it is ours to “Open the door”. Then it is up to the individual whether they choose to walk through it.

With this book, Soloman's door is open.

So, my recommendations? Walk through....

Get this book. Read the prologues and every page after that...then put it easily accessible on your shelf to reference it on days when you need a bit of “reconnection”.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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May 23, 2013 carolpc
I just finish reading the book "Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting your life" by Dr. Erick Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov. I thinks this a great book that will appeal to everyone not only to energy healers, because it's profound message it's applicable to everyone; I really enjoyed the way the authors tell their personal stories; and of course the message that "Salomon" (the entity that it's channeled by Fred Ponzlov) brings; this message it's to remember who we truly are; and that we are essential part of all that is; He guide us how to live a in a simple way; trusting, enjoying and focusing in the process instead of the results., Knowing that we are all healers but in order to heal others we have to start with ourselves, he guide us on getting tune with our inner self, trusting that there are no wrong choices, everything it's in perfect order and timing and we just have to trust it and let that energy flow and take place. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for higher wisdom.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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May 28, 2013 alpha_andy_omega

A healthy amount of skepticism when dealing with so called channeled material isn't a bad thing. There's lots of junk out there. Mostly, the junk ones, rehash trite platitudes while taking a really long time to deliver the same old new age message of oneness and all you need is wuv. That said, when the message can resonate so deeply with you, that you don't care who wrote it or how; well then it stands on its own.

The concepts presented in Solomon Speaks, while not necessarily new to anyone following the consciousness movement, new thought, new age, whatever, are presented in a unique light. Perhaps light isn't the best word to use, as Solomon shows no mercy in dealing with gurus and healers of the white lighter variety who "do it for the applause." I love the idea he speaks about, that the very word "healing" implies that one is somehow wrong or bad, and needs to be made better. If you are interested in energy healing, Qigong, or Reiki, I think you will love this book.

I also think anyone in any of the healing arts could enjoy this book if they can get past the channeling and the energy work stuff. At the risk of sounding trite, this book requires you read it from the heart and not the head.

I received this book free, for review purposes from Hay House, was not paid for my opinion, and this is my honest assessment of this book.

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