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The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone

Michael Chase

Relationships, Inspirational, Spirituality, Health & Healing


Is "loving everyone" really possible, as the title of Michael J. Chase's new book suggests?

The answer may surprise you, as he chronicles his journey toward enlightenment, gaining insight from a very unlikely source—a four-legged guru named Mollie, who happens to be the most lovable yet mischievous dog in the world. In his attempt to understand her ability to unconditionally love all, Chase begins to see the world through his best friend's eyes, especially during their morning walks. Mollie's hilarious antics and maddening behavior ultimately lead to profound insights learned at the other end of the leash.

Written with heart and sidesplitting humor, this one-of-a-kind true story of friendship and a divine albeit outrageous dog delivers on its promise to reveal a pathway toward enlightenment . . . and brings each of us one step closer to loving everyone.

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May 15, 2013 ddawley

As a dog lover, as soon as I heard Michael J. Chase talk about his upcoming book featuring his dog Mollie, I knew I had to read it. While there are lots of anecdotes about Mollie and her willful, funny and sometimes disasterous behavior, the book is really about Michael's learning through his dog that loving everyone is possible.

Many Will Relate

There is a chapter where Chase discusses how following their dreams led to financial problems that caused them to lose their home, most of their possessions and move into a tiny apartment. Mollie didn't care. She had food and shelter and the people she loved. One of the most profound things Chase says in the book is what he saw when he looked at his dog that day. "Everything you need is right here, right now. To be authentically happy, know when enough is enough, and live from that place."

Zingers of Wisdom

Throughout the stories in the book are zingers of wisdom Chase learned from the people around him as well as from Mollie. From Mollie, he learned that there comes a time when you need to walk a different path, to speak to everyone you meet, and to be fully present in the moment with those around you. From his human teachers, he shares the things they told him on his road to enlightenment. "Perhaps major changes in life have no room for complexity." How true is that? By the time we are ready to make a major change in our lives, we have usually suffered through the path of understanding that we don't want what we have, we want something different. And then it's just a simple matter of doing it. I'm keeping this book on my shelves for all the great quotes and teachings from Chase's Buddhist friend John. Wisdom like "What you see before you only has meaning because of the labels you place on it." Yep, I know that - and it's good to be reminded of it at least once a day!

Doggie Behavior

Those of us who share our lives wtih dogs will relate to most of this book. We have all had the pain of cleaning up after our dog when they have done something "naughty." The wisdom of this book is that every time Mollie does something her humans would prefer she didn't do, her humans learned a lesson. When I think back over the behavior of my dogs and my foster dogs, I challenged myself to look at a few incidents differntly. When a foster puppy someone had dumped on our property literally ate my brand new leather armchair, what did I learn from that? I could have taken her to the shelter. She wasn't my dog. But she came for a reason. Rather than take her to a shelter where she probably would have been killed within two weeks, I chose to keep her. Within a few weeks, I got a call from a young, recently divorced woman who had seen her picture on the internet and couldn't stop thinking about her. I warned her that the dog would literally eat, shred and destroy anything in the house when she was left unattended, but she didn't care. Her response was that she left her marriage with nothing but her clothes so she didn't have anything she minded losing. But she did want a companion and a running buddy and she knew as soon as she saw her that she was perfect. Yes, absolutely, she was a perfect dog. That is the only kind of dog God makes. The problem is, most of us humans aren't smart enough to see it.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from
Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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May 21, 2013 LisaAlaiana
Being the animal lover that I am I knew I would enjoy reading, Loving Everyone but I had no idea I would have tears in my eyes at the Prologue. This title is a unique way of looking into the soul of one very special standard poodle by the name of Mollie. As Josh Billings, an American humorist once said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” and of course I have always said that “I love animals more than humans”. It has been scientifically proven that if one owns a pet that their life expectancy increases and their blood pressure decreases. The stories of Mollie told by Michael in Loving Everyone are from the heart and one can not help but feel the love.

As an owner of three dogs I can relate to the tales of Mollie; good and bad but even if you are not a dog owner I think you will find that these stories will make your heart smile. This would be a great book to give someone who is a bit cynical to help them to learn to see through the eyes of the heart. Enlightenment is for all and Loving Everyone is just one approach to reach that enlightenment through the eyes of a four-legged friend.

Affectionately known as “The Kindness Guy,” Michael J. Chase is one of today’s most powerful voices for creating a kinder world. In 2007, following a life-changing epiphany, Michael ended an award-winning photography career to found The Kindness Center. After gaining extensive media attention for his 24 hours of kindness event, he quickly became a sought-after speaker and workshop leader throughout the world. Whether presenting in a classroom, boardroom, or on stage in front of thousands, his message of hope impacts countless lives each year.

The following review is solely based on my opinion, I have received this book free from Hay House Publishing for the sole purpose of review.
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Jun 01, 2013 Lu47
If you are looking for a cute little book that's a fast read, "The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone", by Michael J. Chase, will certainly meet your needs. Filled with various tips and insights about how to live a more rewarding spiritual life, this book sets the foundation for basic spiritual living.

The author's friendly and sincere narrative makes the book very likeable. As the author shares his own struggles in trying to live a completely authentic and soulful life, the reader is put at ease knowing that no one is perfect, and all that we can do is try our best.

The stories about his sometimes aggravating, yet loveable pooch, Mollie, made me smile and giggle. Being a dog lover, I would have liked the book to have been a little bit more about Mollie, although she was definitely the theme throughout the book. Although a lot of the book's insights were based on the dog, other spiritual concepts were taken from the author's friend, or from other famous teachings.

And although this may just be a cute little book, it has a powerful and touching ending. Done with loving compassion, the nuggets of wisdom found in the last few chapters will no doubt inspire you to love everyone.

NOTE: This book was provided to me at no cost by Hay House Publishing in exchange for my opinion.
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