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From My Hands and Heart

Kate Mackinnon

Inspirational, Spirituality, Health & Healing, Alternative Health, Meditation


Foreword by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a powerful hands-on treatment that supports the body's own wisdom and innate ability to heal. Tens of thousands of practitioners around the world can attest to the effectiveness of this rapidly growing therapy.

In From My Hands and Heart, Kate Mackinnon interweaves her personal journey of using CST with case studies and detailed, easy-to-understand explanations of the theory behind it. Whether you've never heard of CST before, thought it didn't apply to you, or are currently undergoing treatments, this book has something for you. Mackinnon guides you through creating a team of practitioners focused on your well-being, and explains how to help yourself at home between sessions.

You'll learn simple, safe techniques that almost anyone can perform and receive. Most important, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the amazing powers of the human body and how, with individualized support through CST, it can find its own way to balance and health.

Praise for From My Hands and Heart 

"After years of study and practice Kate has come to trust in her own abilities to feel through her hands and her heart, and she has skillfully put her subtle healing awareness into the pages of this book. I enthusiastically endorse the work of this highly skilled, intuitive, spiritually based healer, whom I am proud to call my friend and colleague."
- From the Foreword by #1 New York Times best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

"From My Hands and Heart is an excellent guide to helping you understand the healing power of craniosacral therapy (CST). From Kate's description of her clients' experiences you will see how CST can play a pivotal role in promoting health and balance in your life. In addition you will discover practical ways to integrate your CST experience into your everyday life."
- Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, founder of Healing from the Core and author of Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body's Wisdom

"Kate eloquently weaves the stories of her clients' treatments into her explanations. This provides a wonderful illustration and is appropriate, as the premise of CST is to listen to the inner wisdom of clients and their individual stories, trusting that their body knows what it needs. Her passion and knowledge added to her ‘walking her talk' by getting treated herself is an excellent expression of Dr. Upledger's work. Kate Mackinnon sets a beautiful example of an ideal craniosacral therapist."
- Carol McLellan, CST-D, Upledger Institute International

"Kate's book on craniosacral therapy is unique. Books on CST tend to fall into one of three categories: medical textbooks written for professional instruction, compendiums of case reports describing the results of individual treatments, and memoirs detailing one person's healing journey and their experience of CST. Kate's book is something special in that it manages to bridge all three categories. Her book eloquently describes her personal journey and growth as a therapist. She includes enough technical information on CST so the interested reader can understand the work and many descriptions of treatments she has done on her clients, as well as detailing how CST has helped her on her own road to healing. She describes her own process with passion and humility. I highly recommend her book to any reader interested in alternative medicine or CST."
- Tim Hutton, Ph.D., CST-D

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Apr 22, 2013 julieinmichigan
From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy by Kate MacKinnon went far beyond my expectations to provide me with a much needed refresher on the CST course I took from Upledger Institute in 2002.

I believe this text would serve many people well, even those without a medical background. Craniosacral Therapy might seem mysterious and difficult to understand when it’s first explained. However, the author has the ability to walk the reader gently around clinical terms and anatomy to provide a very clear visual of the practice. At the same time, she doesn't simplify it as such to eliminate its usefulness to those who utilize the jargon in their daily lives.

She has titled the book to indicate that she is working deeper than the physical touch, to the depths of her heart. Her heart’s desire to assist in the healing of those who come to see her came through her words very clearly.

As mentioned previously, I have taken the training and found the practice very beneficial to the clients I saw over the next few years. It is amazing to see the profound results mirroring those described in this book. For myself, my life took a turn and I had not practiced on a client for the past several years. While reading Ms. MacKinnon’s very powerful work I came to the realization that I would greatly benefit from seeing a practitioner. Happily I acted on my inspiration and found someone close by. Within the next few days of my continued reading, I found the author’s instructions on how to find a practitioner exactly as the path I had just followed. She gives good instructions.

As I neared the end of the book, I again felt inspired, this time to start working on myself, an issue with my ankle. As I worked on the area, I followed the energy as she shared and determined my issue to be connected with a hip problem; subsequently the resultant memory of a fall came to me. Alas, Ms. MacKinnon must have been reading my mind as she next described the process to work on oneself.

Again and again throughout the book as an issue or question came to my mind, the text seemed to follow my thinking and I would find the answer promptly in the next few paragraphs.

I guess you can understand why I so highly recommend this book. It’s a treasure and gratefully it was a free gift to me for writing this review. I was not compensated for the review and was under no obligation to write anything but the truth.
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May 07, 2013 blessedelements
Kate Mackinnon's book entitled 'From My Hands and Heart' Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy is a book of information about the technique of massage dealing with this technique. The book explains CST and the way it is used as a treatment.

Kate Mackinnon writes about her experiences with this type of therapy and gives examples of how she used it to bring relief to those suffering before embarking on this type of therapy. She explains how she began using this technique as a physical therapist and how she feels it is a more natural technique that cooperates with the body’s ability to heal.
The book gives several examples of her technique and the results they brought by using her hands and intuition while using CST. A large team of practitioners are now favoring this method in which they feel the focus is more on individual's well-being. A portion of the book is also devoted to explaining how individual may help themselves at home between sessions. It suggests simple, safe techniques that anyone can perform and receive.

Although I personally found this book a little hard to get interested in and be excited about reading, I did think of people in my life that would probably enjoy reading it and applying it to their lives. I don't doubt the effectiveness of this technique I just found the book to be a little average and dry in the way it was written. I think those already in the profession of massage or physical therapy would probably enjoy the book and add the knowledge to their skill to launch a new career and steps to deepen their knowledge of helping people through touch.
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Jun 02, 2013 Lead With Your Heart

Before reading this book I had only a vague idea of what craniosacral therapy (CST) actually was. Ten years ago I may have read it with more skepticism, but I was immediately drawn to this healing modality and quickly made a connection between CST and my personal spiritual practice.

Kate Mackinnon was originally trained as a physical therapist in her home country of Scotland and continued working in that modality when she relocated to California. Once introduced to craniosacral therapy, she enrolled at the Upledger Institute in Florida, founded by Dr. John Upledger, who was initially trained as an Osteopathic Doctor. A brief and not at all comprehensive explanation of CST, is that students are taught to recognize, feel, and follow the patient’s subtle energy movements and blockages. The therapist’s touch is very light and non-invasive.

Craniosacral refers to the cranium, the base of the skull and the sacrum or tailbone. The fluid running between the two is commonly known as cerebrospinal fluid which cycles 10 to 12 times a minute. One of the facts I found fascinating, is that this 150 milliliters of fluid is the equivalent of river water and the remainder of our bodily fluids are the equivalent of ocean water. The percentage of fresh water and ocean water, 3% and 97%, is identical to that of the water on Earth.

According to the author, this type of energy therapy is appropriate for adults, pregnant women, children, babies and even pets. Physical and emotional disturbances, both current and past, can be felt by the therapist, and together with the patient, can be resolved in a session or several on-going sessions, depending upon the issue. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that this type of treatment doesn’t just take care of the symptoms of a problem, but reaches through to the root of the problem.

After reading this book, I can’t think of a situation in which a patient with a physical, emotional or even chronic illness, would not benefit from this therapy. Kate sites clients whom she has helped overcome serious maladies, and others where she has been instrumental in lovingly and peacefully assisting them in their transition.

The last couple of chapters cover ways to enhance the beneficial effects of receiving a CST session, as well as learning to do the basics at home, on yourself, a friend or a loved one.
The “Resource” section lists all information on the Upledger Institute, as well as websites for CST for veterans, CST with dolphins, swim therapy, Yoga, poetry, stories, and books and resources on energy.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in alternative therapy methods. I found Kate Mackinnon’s writing to be clear and easily understood even when describing complicated procedures.

I received this book free of charge from Hay House Publishers for the purpose of reviewing it.

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