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Feng Shui Simply

Cheryl Grace

Inspirational, Spirituality


In Feng Shui Simply, Cheryl Grace digs deep into the principles of feng shui to present an exciting new view of this age-old concept and shows that feng shui isn't just about rearranging your furniture or painting your walls; it goes much deeper. She opens your eyes to how feng shui can be used to balance the energy of every part of your life-both in your external and internal environments. Grace shows that bringing your focus to both of these worlds is a powerful way to design the life you're meant to live.

In these pages, Grace takes you on a journey to design your living spaces using the classic Bagua map—a chart separating physical spaces into nine areas, each representing a different aspect of life, such as wealth, family, and career. But perhaps more importantly, she goes one step further, teaching you the inner work of feng shui using her own Inner Wisdom Bagua map, which correlates the characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes that will help you flourish in each area of your life.

Sharing anecdotes from her own experience switching careers from an ESPN executive to a feng shui consultant, as well as her clients' success stories, Grace walks you through each area of the standard and Inner Wisdom Bagua maps to create unique solutions for your life. She teaches you to harness the power of your intuition to determine what's true and important for you. And she offers practical tools based on concepts such as Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and the Magical Day, to help you figure out which enhancements will be the most effective in transforming your life.

By celebrating key principles like universal gratitude, a positive outlook, and living in the present moment, she shows you how to manage life on a day-to-day basis and points you toward your life's true purpose.

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May 13, 2013 hhreviewer2

I believe that, like most Americans, I've heard of Feng Shui and maybe even had a general idea of what it was, but never really delved deep enough to learn its principles and what it was really about. Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace is a book that not only details applying Feng Shui to external spaces, but to internal spaces as well - a concept that I had never considered before.

The author succeeds in explaining all the aspects and elements that make up Feng Shui in a way that truly is simple. Each area of a living space is oriented by the position of the front door, and a Bagua map is provided to help the reader to orient their own space. The nine sections, or gua, represent aspects of one's life such as money or relationships. The purpose is to enhance or balance these areas using Ying and Yang and all five Chinese elements - water, fire, etc. which are represented by materials as well as colors. For those who might not be artistically minded, such as myself, it may take reading through the chapter a few times before the possibility of applying it to one's own living space. Especially if your living space is in building with other living spaces and has a highly irregular shape.

At first, the chapters on internal Feng Shui might not be new information for a reader, particularly for those already familiar with other Hay House authors. But repetition about conscious change, meditation, affirmations, gratitude, and considering one's viewpoint always serves as a great reminder when we need one. The author's mention of her personal use of I Ching was of great interest to me. I am familiar with Oracle cards, Tarot, and Runes, but know very little about I Ching. Then Cheryl's Inner Wisdom Bagua transforms the map from an external environment to an internal landscape exceedingly well.

The second half of the book focuses on each of the guas with examples from Chery's own Feng Shui redecorating business. In these chapters the author successfully draws the connection between the external and the internal - how one affects the other. All of the explanations were very helpful considering that I, like I said, am not artistically minded.

It should also be mentioned that Cheryl Grace's website has a few great articles that enhances her book, one of them being her Inner Wisdom Bagua map. While I had not been aware of the author before reading this book, I am now rather interested in following her work. I would highly recommend Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace to anyone new to Feng Shui and who is looking for a simple yet thorough introduction.

This is my review of Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace. I acknowledge that I received this book free from Hay House Publishing to review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment.

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May 20, 2013 blessedelements

Most know that Feng Shui is used for interior design to bring harmony and balance to one’s life. Cheryl Grace inspires us to think about using Fung Shui for fine tuning the internal environment within ourselves in her book called Feng Shui Simply Change Your Life From the Inside Out.

To use Feng Shui for inner growth the author suggests that first it is important to clear old belief systems, skepticism and doubt and fixed opinions and stop being inflexible in our view points.

Aligning thoughts for a better outlook on life are presented in this book. Some of the techniques suggested are:

Those approaches consist of simplifying your life
Take everything that happens in your life as a gift (Both perceived good and bad.)
Practice deep appreciation and let go of the 5 year plan and serve others.

The book is rich with information and resources so the reader can continually learn Feng Shui for inner harmonious balance and growth after the book is finished being read.

I found this book very inspiring with a new approach that makes me so excited to study these techniques further. This is a book I love and know it will be a book I will continually read as a viable resource. I’ve learned so much about using Feng Shui both in the home and using it inwardly to reach goals and balance I want in my life.
The book is written simply with a Bagua Map with the zones that correlate with the energetic qualities needed to bring harmony.

Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace is a great book encouraging the reader by giving them self-confidence in using techniques that can bring great results. Another thing I love about this book are the suggestions of books that can be read to continue learning techniques of Feng Shui that can be used to gain better intuition.

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Jun 16, 2013 Daughter of Waters
Feng Shui Simply can be that line of demarcation that we all need to make a change in our lives. Cheryl Grace masterfully has written one of the most down to earth and easy to read books on the subject. Feng Shui, a Chinese system of that improves and elevates the energy around us, can be laid out in a convoluted manner, but in this book Ms. Grace brought clarity and almost Woman Wit to it which made it such an easy read.

Aside from the great break down of the system this book urges all of us to not only grasp the Feng Shui of objects like furniture or color palettes, but even more intriguingly it is suggested we use Feng Shui principles on our inner self as well.

If you pick up this text I can guarantee at least one of her recommendations can have the potential to totally transform your life. For me, it was the section on clutter. Although I know what it is and am not a victim of it, somehow this book made me look at it in such an obtuse way I have totally rearranged my space and am more aware of even the semblances of clutter.

You need to know how to shift energy, read this book. You haven’t felt compelled to act upon all the self help information you’ve gathered, read this book. You feel like you are standing just on the tip of something new and can’t quite step over that line, read this book. For a foundational understanding of Feng Shui mixed in with some trendsetting translation of it for the inner person, read this book!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from Hay House for review purposes. I was not obliged to write a favourable review. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.
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