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Visualization for Weight Loss

Jon Gabriel

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Join best-selling author and international weight loss expert, Jon Gabriel, as he teaches you the visualization technique he used to shed 220 pounds without restrictive dieting or deprivation. Examini... More

Mar 16, 2015 MaryMikawoz
The “Jon Garbriel Method” was the first book written by this author. I read it and thought it was interesting but did not actively pursue it or the visualization that he provided. Now, that I am faced with this second book, I am more intrigued. Jon uses visualization much in the way that Shakti Gawain suggests in her book, “Creative Visualization.” He has taken it one step further, however, and has made some excellent visualizations that look they would work.

They encompass using white light and predominantly the navel as a focal point. Other areas include the forehead. Both of these are near important chakra points and so the visualizations are more powerful.

Jon discusses stress, trauma and fear as factors in being overweight. It is not simply a process of calories in and calories out otherwise diets would work but they don't. Dieting is an industry onto itself. The food industry system is into marketing processed foods that are cheap to produce and sustain on shelving and so not that good for the human body. The more raw and alive products with one ingredient is much more valuable to the body than products that have been laced with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, chemicals and dyes.

Jon believes in visualization and offers a 16 week program near the end of the book in which he uses a variety of topics to serve as focal points for morning visualization sessions. In the evening, there is a visualization that you can fall asleep to.

Overall, I found the book to be informative because he backs up his work with scientific researched work which is nice to see. The most compelling part of the story is Jon's own transformation. He went from plus 400 pounds down to 186 pounds. Plus, he does not have extensions of lose skin all over the place. In fact, he looks as if he never was fat. This is compelling evidence to me and although it may be anecdotal evidence, it is pretty convincing to me and serves as a ray of hope.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Mar 02, 2015 KariF
I ate this book up. Not literally, but I definitely read it faster than many of the other books I’ve read and reviewed. I’ve heard a lot about Jon Gabriel, and I’ve always wanted to take one of his courses or read one of his books, so when I saw this book, I jumped at the chance to read it.

The whole book is really just about visualization. That’s good though. That’s what I wanted to read. I already know what I should and shouldn’t be eating, and how much I should be exercising. So, I wanted to find out why visualization could help me.

My Favorite Lesson In Visualization For Weight Loss

First, I realized that visualization had the power to dictate my eating habits. I guess I’ve always known this. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was young, not because I didn’t like the taste or texture of meat, but because I would visualize where the meat came from and that would make me sick.

I also once swore off peanut butter in a jar because I heard there were often rats that get chopped up during the manufacturing process. I still have a hard time eating peanut butter from a jar and prefer to make my own.

In short, I learned what I already knew on some level – if I want to swear off a food group or particular food, I can do that through visualization.

That’s good news for people who can’t stop eating the unhealthiest food in abundance. If a food is sabotaging your weight loss or health efforts, visualization can help you overcome it.

What Will You Learn In Visualization For Weight Loss?

There is a lot you will learn inside. I would say that 99% of it was really interesting to me, which is rare for a book. I made many connections between this book, and Unlimited Abundance and Silva - two courses that I love.

I’m just going to break it down into bullet points.

You will learn things, such as:

Why weight loss is not about calories in and calories out
Why visualization works to benefit various things such as habits, hormones, and beliefs
What mode you need to get in to make visualizations work for you (Hint: It’s alpha)
Some techniques to help you get into an alpha state of mind
Why you need to eliminate stress
How visualization can eliminate stress
Why leptin plays a huge role in the inability to lose weight
Why insulin and leptin can benefit from visualization
What fear has to do with weight
Some visualizations to help you with fear
How visualization can help you form better, positive beliefs (including beliefs about your metabolism)
Why negative beliefs keep us in a negative spiral that promote hormonal issues that cause weight gain, cravings, and illness
Everything you want to know about habits and changing them
How to incorporate exercise the right way into your life (not what the biggest loser makes you believe you have to do)
Why sleep is so important
7 steps to the perfect visualizations
How to be more intuitive
Visualization to help develop intuition (loved this!)
How you should eat
How you can use visualization to create your ideal life
16 weeks to total transformation (what visualizations you need to do for evening and morning)
All the morning visualizations for the 16 weeks are written out in the book
There are also some bonuses that come with Visualization For Weight Loss. Most are small bonuses, but let’s face it – we all love bonuses.

For instance, you get:

Three of the 16 morning visualizations on mp3. I’m a little confused as to why you don’t get all 16 of the visualizations on mp3. I would have thought that would be a better offer considering it is part of the book. I tried searching to see if he was selling the other 13 morning visualizations, but I couldn’t find them. This is just an odd thing to me. If I had written the book, I would have done all 16 morning meditations as a courtesy part of the book. But, onward…
The evening meditation. You can also download the app and get this meditation for free with it.
Sugar impact cookbook, which is a 2-week cookbook with recipes that are low in sugar.
A getting started with meditation video class. Learn how to balance your breath and go through a short meditation.
A guide that has 30 foods to re-balance your hormones and meals. But, a link in the guide to a cookbook to balance out hormones is really just a sales page for a DIY program to balance your hormones. You may or may not be interested in that.
A yoga for athletes bonus that teaches you some movements (through PDF pictures)
A few recipes from the mind-body weight loss summit
Learn how to make sweet potato bars, a grain-free recipe
A lecture on the emotional experiences at the root of binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia disorders.
The 1st chapter of Rich Food, Poor Food.
An emotional eating guide that will help you learn how to eliminate cravings through tapping
If You Want To Lose Weight, I Recommend Checking Out This Book

The book includes a lot of little visualizations for different things, but it will get you inspired to do your own visualizations, and it feels really good to do that.

I find that I’m already visualizing more positive things throughout my day naturally, which I love. It’s helping me choose healthier habits and look at myself in a different way. I truly feel that this is going to help me be healthier and manifest more good things into my life.

Jon does say that you may not lose weight right away. He says that some people lose weight quickly and others take months to lose weight. That could be a deterrent for you if you want to lose weight fast, but the point of this book is to help you become healthier in all aspects and keep the weight off for good. So, it is definitely not something you want to skip simply because you want to lose 10 pounds in a week (you know you are going to gain all that weight back if you don’t have the right tools in your hands!)

If you don’t use visualization right now, why not try it. The worst it could do is make your life better on some level. The best it could do is help you lose weight and manifest everything you want. Win-win.
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