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The Fourth Rule of Ten

Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay



In the latest installment in the Dharma Detective series, private investigator Tenzing 'Ten' Norbu takes on the seedy world of human trafficking in Los Angeles and abroad. Following a shocking revelat... More

Feb 25, 2015 ginadrellack
I love this Dharma Detective series by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay, and this newest mystery continues to shine! (There are three previous stories about this character.) Anyone who enjoys mystery stories, enlightenment, or both, will thoroughly enjoy this book, The Fourth Rule of Ten.

Tenzing Norbu: ex-monk, ex-LAPD, private detective, hugely likable character. His fourth rule is about letting go of expectations, and his cases and relationships provide opportunities for practice. A conglomerate teaser of story elements includes:

Human trafficking
A shocking development with his longtime friends
A foreign country
Missing persons
A developing network of personal support
The return of a person important in his past
And of course, the detailed cars, guns, and lunches are still present, as is the purring Tank. Also, he still appreciates a good beer.

It’s good to know some things are constant, even as we let go of expectations and outcomes.

This book was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion of it, through the Hay House Book Nook blogger program.
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