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Beyond Past Lives

Mira Kelley

Intuition, Relationships, General, New Thought


People are able to transform powerfully when they experience the stories and the profound lessons of their past lives.In this book, Mira Kelley shares the life-changing lessons she has learned from he... More

Sep 18, 2014 Mystic812

If you are interested in learning about past life regression, then Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley will give you a good basic foundation without being overwhelmed with too much information. The author has included many case studies of past life regressions she has performed on clients. There are exercises that you can do at the end of each chapter such as the Dialogue with Your Higher Self in Chapter 4 and Meditation for Oneness in Chapter 5. I like the way the book is structured, it is easy to read and the information is clearly presented. I was expecting that a book of this type might be more lengthly and difficult to actually learn and then put in to practice. I was pleasantly surprised. I especially loved the Q&A section of the book which addressed alot of questions about what actually happens during a past life regression. It dispels some of the myths and fears people might have if they are considering having their own past life regression. There is also a Past Life Regression Transcript included in the book. With this transcript, you can us it to do your own past life regression. You can record yourself reading it, then play it back or have someone read it to you. You can also use this same transcript to do the Heal Through Regression in Chapter 8 which addresses physical ailments you are looking to release. This is a truly fascinating book, and I learned quite a bit from it. It will help you to heal your body, mind and spirit.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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Sep 12, 2014 timlarison
The concept that I may have lived past lives never really interested me. Though in recent years I’ve delved into metaphysical spirituality through reading and by attending a local “new thought” church, the idea that I had lives before this one always seemed a little too “woo woo” for me. Then I heard Brian Weiss, considered the foremost authority on past lives, speak at a Hay House I Can Do It conference this spring. Weiss himself was initially a past lives skeptic! His reasoned approach, full of real life examples, got me curious about the topic. When presented with the opportunity to read and review Mira Kelley’s “Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us About Relationships, Healing, and Transformation” I said, “why not?” I was soon to discover Kelley’s book is a fascinating study for anyone interested in past lives, even for a doubter like me.

“The most basic lesson is that it is possible to heal your present by working with your past,” Kelley writes in the book’s introduction. “I was a Roman slave!” “I was a British soldier in the American Revolution!” “I was a Russian Spy!” While stories of past lives like these may lead to interesting cocktail party conversations, that’s not the real purpose of exploring this phenomena. One theme stressed repeatedly in the book is that examining past lives can lead to healing and living a better life TODAY. “Reliving other incarnations helps us understand who we are and gives us guidance on our most pressing emotional and physical challenges,” Kelley says. I liked the present moment emphasis of Beyond Past Lives. Who doesn’t want to lead a richer, more fulfilling life? Revisiting past lives can help us do that.

Another key point of Beyond Past Lives is related to our concept of time. We humans think of our lives linearly, with a past, present, and future. Kelley says that’s an illusion, and that our multiple lives are really happening simultaneously. This is a difficult concept to grasp for a logical thinking ex-engineer like myself, yet the author explains it well and gives good examples, quoting no less of an authority than Albert Einstein to back up her assertions. “The understanding that time is simultaneous can assist all of us in our spiritual progression and expand our awareness of how we create our own realities,” she writes.

“Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing,” Wayne Dyer writes in the book’s introduction, relating how he benefited from Kelley’s work. Beyond Past Lives certainly piqued my interest in the topic that had previously seemed strange to me, and encouraged me to learn more. I recommend the book.
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Aug 31, 2014 dawnhafner
Beyond Past Lives-What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us About Relationships, Healing and Transformation by Mira Kelley

This book was the first one I have read about past life regression. Mira does a beautiful job of explaining a very heavy theory that is for most of us unusual. I loved her explanation about how we are all working through themes that we signed on to undertake, and that we work in soul groups as a unit. I enjoyed her explanation of how the individual souls relate to the Oversoul and All That Is or God. I even loved her detailed explanations about how time as we think of it does not really exist, and she gives concrete examples of how that can be true.

I especially enjoyed the end of the book where she describes the miracles that happened in her life, including the events that led her to regress Dr. Wayne Dyer, and get one of her regression stories featured on Oprah.

If you are a person who has always wondered if there is ‘something else’ in your past to explain why you are how you are today I would definitely recommend this book. If you are someone open to somewhat unconventional ideas of how our spirits come to this place and what happens after our bodies die I would recommend this book. If you aren’t open to at least examine those possibilities as something to consider then this would not be a book for you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and embraced especially her ideas about how all we have to do to fulfill our purpose is truly just do what brings us joy and excitement. That’s it! It’s that simple. Finding your passion is as simple as do what you enjoy doing, and then keep on doing more of that over and over again. Mira tells us that our soul knows what it is designed to do, and as long as we trust ourselves we will align with our purpose. Miracles will happen when we are aligned with our Higher Source or God.

This book is easy to read and a great addition for anyone looking to explore spirituality outside of traditional religion forms.

I acknowledge that I received this book free of charge from Hay House in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of the book.
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Aug 26, 2014 Fairemagic
The moment I cracked open and started reading Beyond Past Lives, I was mezmorized by the thought of parallel lives. The thought of living parallel lives perked my interest leaving me wanting to know more that I couldn’t put the book down. I deeply loved how Mari not only shared her own personal experiences in the book but also a few of her client’s case studies. I do wish she included more case studies in her findings. Every chapter had me wanting to know more about regression into past lives and how it could help with current relations and heath.

Mira goes into great deal explaining how our Oversoul splits and lives moments of past, present and future together through parallel lives. She explains how through past life regression we can heal our current lives emotionally and physically. Every chapter leaving me wanting to know more and more about it. At the end of each chapter Mira gives us detailed exercises to help us heal our counterparts to heal our emotional and physical self along with sharing to healing others.

What a leap of faith she took in her personal life to share her knowledge on past life regression. It brought about a new thought process to reincarnation and past life regression. Mira shows us how to love and forgive ourselves so we can manifest our true life plans. Mira reminds us that our Higher Self is always with us and all we need to do is simply quiet our mind and ask. Healing does come from within but first we must forgive. I hope you find her work on pass life regression as fascinating as I did.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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Aug 26, 2014 KariF
I wanted to like this book. When I received Beyond Past Lives from Hay House for review purposes, I thought I was really going to love this book and be forever changed from it. I was wrong. I didn’t like it and had a very hard time reading it. In fact, it took me about a month of painful reading just to get through it. This is very rare for me with a book like this, so let me explain what the book is about and why I didn’t like it.

What Is Beyond Past Lives?

The book is made up of lessons she has learned through her clients during past-life regressions.

It is a book that talks about how past lives are not really past lives, but are happening right now at the same time as our current life. In fact, Mira talks about how she experienced two lives as the same person, existing at the same time. And, some people are reincarnated, not in the future, but in the past as well.

It talks about how you can talk with your higher self, and gives many examples of Mira talking with her clients – or rather, their higher selves.

The book talks about how every choice you make creates a new reality, not just in your future, but in your past as well.

It also talks about how you can manipulate time, and how Mira herself went from standing in a long line of people waiting for a taxi at the airport to, suddenly, being the next in line.

Why I Didn’t Like Beyond Past Lives

In short, I didn’t buy into much of what she said.

The longer version?

I consider myself a pretty decent reader. I can follow along with complex ideas. However, I couldn’t follow along with her explanations and beliefs. I’m not sure if the sentences were worded awkwardly or if I just couldn’t grasp what she was saying. Either way, I found myself more ticked off than anything. Even worse, I didn’t want to reread the sections to try to understand it further. I didn’t have any desire to do so! That is highly unusual for me.

I also didn’t find the scientific explanations that scientific. In fact, many of the things she talked about left me thinking, how do you know?

I realize that there was some science to explain why her beliefs could be true. For instance, she talks about the ‘many worlds theory’, and how it states that everything that is possible happens. She writes it like this, “Each event splits into different realities and the observer, or the person existing within the event, also splits as his world does. In the moment that an event is observed, the act of the observation creates the event and creates a split in which all possible variations of the event are formed into a parallel reality, each having its own version of the observer.” Apparently a quantum physicist named Aaron O’Connell created an object that was both vibrating and not vibrating, which meant that it was in two different places at the same time.

Still, besides a few bits of science, a lot of what she said was true, was simply because her clients had said so during the regression. For instance, when Wayne Dyer’s daughter was talking about a plane that she was seeing under regression, Mira says, “The plane Serena was seeing was a place souls pass through on their way to be incarnated. On that plane souls get their colors, and the different color combinations give each soul its uniqueness.” How does she know that? And, more importantly, what the heck does that mean?

One client talks about being a flower. Mira discusses what it feels like to be the flower with the client. That just doesn’t seem right to me, and it is not really explained why that would happen. She talks about how the client realizes he was the spirit knowing itself as the flower. She talks about how the flower fulfilled the purpose of its existence. (Wasn’t that the soul of the client in the flower? Was that its reincarnation? I’m confused!)

Also, a lot of stuff contradicted itself. For instance, in one conversation with a client about creating new souls, the client said, “There is infinite space to fill up and it will never be filled up,” but in another conversation a client said, “Every time a new soul is created, which is not that common anymore because the Earth is more complete…”


Are you confused yet? That is how I felt reading Beyond Past Lives!

Lastly, a lot of the conversations with the ‘higher self’ felt weird to me. I’m no stranger to talking to entities. I firmly believe that Esther speaks to Abraham. Why? Because some of the answers from Abraham are incredible, and they are always quick, intelligent, and spot on. Does it seem silly that I would believe that and not a lot of the stuff from this book? Maybe. But it’s true. I had a hard time believing that the higher self would be so basic in a lot of cases. It was almost as if it was stuttering and unsure of itself. To be honest, to me, it just sounded like the client saying what they wanted to believe.

In the end, I believe in past lives. I just had a hard time getting into this book. I feel like Beyond Past Lives was all about the author’s beliefs rather than the clients’ experiences. I’ve read some regression books where the clients all aligned with what they were saying, like Journey of Souls, and it was hard to believe it was all a coincidence in those cases. But, this was more about her and her theories or beliefs based off of different experiences she has had with different clients.

That said, I have seen others who really seem to like Beyond Past Lives. There are a few good reviews of Beyond Past Lives on Amazon. So maybe you would have a different experience with the book. But, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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Aug 21, 2014 ginadrellack
Beyond Past Lives, by Mira Kelley, is an exciting exploration of self-awareness through the concept of parallel lives. Not only a fabulous spiritual growth read, this book rocked my perception with two specific to the book on Amazon

You are likely familiar with the thoughts that we create our own reality, and that everything really occurs in the present moment. With that in mind, the idea is that each choice we make (both large and small), creates the life that we are in–and that the choices not made also create our ongoing parallel lives. And that all of these lives continue to unfold further and further with each subsequent choice.

Think of a ginormous and beautiful tree, as it expands from a single trunk into a myriad of tertiary branches–and that each of those branches is constantly growing new leaves.

Now picture yourself as one of those leaves, and trace back through all the branches to the trunk coming out of the ground. Notice all the other branchings-out along the way, the other choices you could have made but seemingly didn’t. The thing is, you are each of those leaves–not just the one you are aware of right now.

Each leaf of the tree is you, each branch-path is a parallel life, and they all exist at the same time. The author declares that all lives are simultaneous, all are present moment. “Thus, each life is both still unfolding and has already been completed in the present moment.” (Kelley, Loc 535 of 3587, Kindle version.)

Yep, that’s the feel of a mind-blowing concept.

The really cool thing about this is the benevolent and loving exploration of self that comes with it. It’s all about learning and growing. As the author supports, “Allow yourself to know your magnificence.” (Kelley, Loc 1971 of 3587, Kindle version)

The other new idea for me when reading this book is a new way of looking at memory and the past. The author explores these not as fixed events (in any parallel life), but rather as a present thought about a possible past. She asks us to consider that “the past does not create the present. The present creates the past and the future.” (Kelley, Loc 2203, Kindle version) Sooo, my memories are not so much changing and fading, but rather my past is presently being created! And the more I grow and become in the present, that actually affects my past–which is then reflected in what I call my memories.

There’s that feel again, another mind-blower. Let me catch my breath.

Mira Kelley’s book is a must-have for anyone’s spiritual library. Its groundbreaking approach has something for everyone, whether this is your first foray into such topics or if you are accomplished in the field. Her writing style is flowing, it simply feels like you are having a conversation.

Hay House graciously gave me this book in return for my thoughts about it. I’m going to now visit my parallel lives where I didn’t choose this book, and encourage myself to go ahead and read it!
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Aug 03, 2014 awatson
I received Mira Kelley’s Beyond Past Lives free from Hay House Publishing for review, and was completely enmeshed from the first page.

The foreword by Dr. Wayne Dyer is a nice preface to what turns out to be a solid exploration into the mystery of past life regression therapy and its tremendous benefits. Though the book is not crammed with case studies from the author’s files, the few she does present gives the reader compelling evidence from which to draw their own conclusions as to the healing and transformative nature of this modality.

Mira Kelley’s passion and faith in what she does is imbued on every page. I was touched by her willingness to hold nothing back when it came to sharing her concerns, her fears, and her own healing journey—including those of others she’s touched—with grace, compassion, and a delightful sense of wonderment.

The exercises at the end of each chapter are easy to follow and once undertaken, provide additional support throughout the reading of the book. Special not-to-be-missed bonuses (aside from the F.A.Q. and the past life regression transcript in the appendix section) are the excerpts taken from the regressions of both Dr. Dyer and his daughter, Serena.

Beyond Past Lives is a great addition to the collection of those who follow the work of Dolores Cannon and Dr. Brian Weiss, as it also takes the reader beyond past lives, challenging us to at least consider the possibility of several lives all happening at once.
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Jul 29, 2014 BookLover
Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities can Teach Us About Relationships, Healing, and Transformation by Mira Kelley is a wonderful book that teaches us ten profoundly life changing lessons that Mira has learned from her clients while doing past life regressions.

We are taught everything from how to play with time to the fact that past lives are not really in the past but are simultaneous with our present one. This book is one of the best books that I have read in awhile. I loved the ten concepts that we are taught and enjoyed the exercises presented. We are taught how to do past life regression on ourselves and how this can help us deal with issues in the present. Two of my favorite chapters in the book were chapter nine, "You have the right to Love Yourself" and chapter ten, "Trust Yourself and Follow Your excitement." In chapter ten we are shown how to find our purpose and chapter nine shows us that we are deserving of love.

I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to enrich their lives with new ideas and have a wonderful transformation of their lives.

I acknowledge that I received this book free of charge from Hay House in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of the book.
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