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I Can See Clearly Now

Wayne W. Dyer

Inspirational, Memoir


For many years, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's fans have wondered when he would write a memoir. Well, after four decades as a teacher of self-empowerment and the best-selling author of more than 40 books, Wayne ... More

Jul 31, 2014 rschechter
This man can write no wrong. If you have never listened to Wayne Dyer speak or read one of his books, then you are in for a treat and what will surely be, an eye-opening experience. After years of writing books, Dyer finally wrote his memoir and in a refreshing manner.

"I Can See Clearly Now" is a collection of memories of key events in Dyer’s life and their significance to him. Example? Growing up in an orphanage, Dyer chose to view the experience as one that was filled with adventure and little adult oversight versus as a place where unloved children live. Whether you want to read the book from cover to cover or take in lessons one at a time, Dyer shares how you can take ordinary, seemingly meaningless experiences, and see their divine purpose.

Wayne Dyer is “required reading” for anyone on a spiritual journey today. He is one of the most influential teachers of our time and what is nice about this book, is he shares with us, his own personal journey instead of focusing solely on spiritual principles and practices. It takes courage to share your own path with others, especially once you are as highly regarded as Dyer is.

*FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Jun 13, 2014 connielivingston
I have read many of Dr. Wayne Dyer's books and have found them to be incredibly helpful. This book has a very different approach and feel to it. I wasn't crazy about it but can see how it would be helpful to others. And I know that there have been many positive reviews of the book. I didn't seem to resonate with the message, but I encourage you to look at all the reviews on Amazon or other online sites with reviews. That way, you can take into account the opinions of many others as well!

The book is laid out with each chapter focused on a specific period of time during Dr. Dyer's life, starting with the environment in which he was born in Chapter 1. I like the format of each chapter: The beginning tells the story during that period in Dr. Dyer's life and the second half presents reflections and lessons he learned. Dyer is over 70 years old and has lived a very rich life, so there are many experiences from which he has to draw.

Stories are so important. It helps us to learn how best to handle the challenges and predicaments in our own lives when we hear how others have handled the same situation. I have no doubt that the stories told in each chapter of this book will help many!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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May 19, 2014 AndyB
I've been a reader of Wayne Dyer's inspirational books for quite a while. Every book he writes presents us, readers, with a small feedback of his past - everyone who reads Dyer knows he was raised in foster homes while still a child before his mother was able to gather all her sons together again, after his father left them. This story has pretty much shaped most of his adult years.

Now, in his new book "I can see clearly now", he gives us a much wider snapshot of his earlier days, from a young toddler playing happily in the snow to a teen rebelling against a biology project, growing into a young man having to obey orders in the military and achieving his goal of becoming a teacher. Every circumstance evolves into something that will ultimately fit together to complete his life puzzle. It's an eye opening memoir, showing us all that everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents. By exposing what happened to him in this memoir, he explains how he came about to be what he was meant to be and how he made it happen by believing in his dharma. A great inspirational book.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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May 14, 2014 Ravenb28
Hey Crafters!

I just finished a great book from Hay House Publishing. I love all of Wayne Dyers work but I have to say this was by far my favorite. In the book I Can See Clearly Now by Wayne Dyer you get a real close up look to what Wayne sees as shaping moments in his life. I had expected this book to be more of a memoir of sorts. It seemed to be an in depth reflection with words to live by and encouragement. It really helped me to look at circumstances as well as what I would normally view as "bad" experiences in a whole different way. This book really has the potential to be a quick read. However, I really found myself reflecting after almost every page. Each and every page has some form of insight that I found incredibly useful at this point in my life. One of the most inspirational stories for me was when Wayne discussed his experience and effort to get national recognition for his writing. When you dedicate your life and live as a tool for spirit to work through you all things will work out even if we don't understand why or how while they are working themselves out. I was truly in awe of this beautiful piece or work. This is by far Wayne Dyers best book!

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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May 13, 2014 awakenandbegin
"My life is my message." - Gandhi

Ever feel like you don't belong on the path your life seems to be on? Like there is a different path you'd rather hop on to? I Can See Clearly Now is Dr. Wayne Dyer's personal reflection on the pivotal moments in his life that shaped him into the influential spiritual teacher he has been for many years. These moments were not all glamorous, but Dr. Dyer reflects on his past with nothing but gratitude for the lessons he takes away from even the most difficult situations.


Dr. Dyer takes us on a journey beginning with his early years in foster care and turbulent family life due to the neglect and alcoholism of his biologic and step fathers, respectively. We get a glimpse into the elementary and high school aged Wayne, who stood up for justice for himself and others. He describes his first introduction to the teachings of Henry David Throeau on doing what's right, even when everyone else is falling in line.

We accompany him through his memories of his military years, where he continued to practice civil disobedience. We then get a glimpse into the college years of Wayne Dyer, followed by his early career as a counselor in private practice and as a university professor.

As interesting as the first part of the book and this man's life were, it is in his early thirties where the Wayne Dyer known to the public begins to emerge. He writes about the pivotal moment when he was able to visit the gravestone of his father, a man he had never met but always resented, and forgive him. It was this single, monumental event that cleared the path for Wayne Dyer, the best-selling author, to be born.

He tells the story of writing his first book Your Erroneous Zones in a Fort Lauderdale hotel room for two weeks straight before he is to return to his job at the university for the fall semester. It is inspiring to read about how he self-promoted this first book to go onto the wide-reaching success he has become today. As he says, there is nothing on his "things I'm not willing to do to get my message out there" list.


Sometimes in the past when reading a Wayne Dyer book, I would mistakenly assume that he was saying the same things over and over again. While the major concepts in many of his books are aligned towards the same purpose, reading about the different influences in his life at the time he wrote each book makes them seem much more distinct from each other than I had previously assumed. I too can now see more clearly the evolution of his published works from a psychology-based to a spirituality-based perspective.

For as much of a Wayne Dyer fanatic I am, I was surprised to learn about the many books I didn't even realize he had written. It is such a privilege to get a behind the scenes peek into what inspired him to write each book and what his life circumstances were at the time of each publication.

I attended the Writing from Your Soul and I Can Do it Ignite (San Jose, CA) events featuring Wayne Dyer in 2013. During both conferences, Dr. Dyer told many stories from his personal life and writing journey. This book is like the full transcript of the inspiring stories and quotes he shared at those conferences, and so much more. I tried to take so many notes while he was speaking live so I could remember everything he said. I am happy to now have this book as a reference of all of the inspiring influences in his life and the many inspiring quotes he rattled off on stage.

While I was reading, I realized that this book is a glimpse into the life history of a man who could have been any man. He was not given a golden path to his success in life. He lived the same life circumstantially as many of his contemporaries. This is a person who defines what it is to transform an ordinary life. Each day, increasingly through his life, he continued to make the choices to stay on the path that he envisioned for his life despite the opinions of others.

I can't think of an audience that couldn't relate to this book. Whether you are a Wayne Dyer fanatic like me, have read a few of his books, never read any of his books, or just want to be inspired, this book is for you! Happy reading.

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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May 06, 2014 Angels Reviews
Dr. Wayne Dyer lives a life that's filled with synchronicity and magic. The secret is, so is yours! In this hard-to-put-down book Wayne takes the reader by the hand and literally walks you through his personal 73 year journey.

Trusting in intuition and living a life of purpose sounds extremely cliché, however, once you read how Wayne Dyer's life has unfolded so beautifully before him simply due to his unwavering desire to follow his heart and his own unique path - you too will begin to see clearly that there is no such thing as coincidence.

I can see clearly now that this book is far more than just a memoir. Pure love, wisdom, inspiration, and insights pour off of the pages and remind us that we all are here to serve a much bigger purpose. Grab a notebook and your favorite pen - you'll want to take notes from this wise and delightful man we have all grown to love and admire so much.
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May 01, 2014 taslimjaffer
A behind-the-scenes look at the ‘making’ of Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally-acclaimed speaker, writer and teacher, this memoir is one beautifully told story after another. At the end of each vignette is a carefully drawn-out, enlightening analysis of how each event contributed to his purpose-path. The seemingly inconsequential details and the major life experiences alike are laid out like buoys on a journey that was not all smooth sailing. Not brushing anything off as insignificant – a remark, a question, a crossroad – allowed him to build a great mountain from each pebble – a mountain which he envisioned for himself the whole time, and from the top of which he writes this book with blessed hindsight.

As a writer, his journey has inspired me to keep going, to never give up on my dream, to know that if I can believe it I will see it…if Wayne Dyer was his own bookstore/distributor/marketer at one point, then woohoo!! I’ve got something in common with him! More than that, though, reading about his convictions about spirituality, human behaviour, the things that made his Soul hurt, the things that made his Soul sing…they all resonated with me deeply. There was actually a point during which I stopped reading, looked up and thought, Now I understand what it means that we are One.

It’s not about Wayne Dyer the Great Speaker and Writer, and Taslim Jaffer the Mom Who Wants to be a Great Speaker and Writer. It’s like when you have a deep conversation with someone and you are both speaking the same language, and nodding, “Yeah, I totally get that.” You are connecting on a level where all those physical boundaries don’t exist: your occupation title, your gender, your race… This book made me feel that. I can see clearly now that this book came into my life at the right time. It has affirmed that I must keep going on this path of ‘doing the best to be me while raising three children to be them.’ And every little thing that has ever happened to me has given me the opportunity to do just that. And every thing that will happen to me from now on will do the same for me. I get to choose how to write my story.

What I loved best:

he shares his favourite quotes/poems/authors/poets and their significance to his journey
he gives the backstory on how many of his bestsellers were conceived
he is candid about his human-ness but also unashamed of his spiritual-ness
he writes the way he speaks on stage – truly captivating
I finished the book feeling like I am no different from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Nor am I different from the person who just walked past my window, or the drivers I will see on the road today, or that person who gets under my skin like no one else can (you know…that person…)
If you have never read a Wayne Dyer book in your life, this is a great start. If you have read all 41 of his books, this is the sweetest cherry on top!

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Apr 30, 2014 Jeff Dodson
The writing and the release of this book has been one that millions of fans the world over have been patiently waiting for. I choose to include myself among these folks.

Though I have been a fan of Dr. Dyer for over 20 plus years, the first book of his that I actually purchased was, The Power Of Intention, published by Hay House in 2004.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is the author of 40 plus books devoted to self-help, self improvement and spiritual awareness and evolution. It is because of his writing, his teaching and his many PBS programs that a worldwide audience of readers and viewers have learned how to live more enriched, spiritually inspired lives and treat those around them with more compassion, empathy and tolerance.

I Can See Clearly Now is his most recent title. I Can See Clearly Now is Dr. Dyer’s life story shared with us in his own words. The book is 371 pages of compelling reading chronicling the life story of one of our most recognized and beloved author, speaker and PBS fund-raising advocate.

Wayne Dyer’s life story is a captivating and intriguing one. Born into a world of hardship and a fractured family, he appeared already comfortable within his own skin and mind as early as the third grade while residing in a foster home. In other words, he trusted his instincts and struck me as one of those possibility thinkers, one who, by his own words, was an enthusiastic optimist. Wayne came to know at an early age that the act of writing held an immense satisfaction for him. As he grew older the realization that he possessed the talent to teach others began to take root and mature.

What I enjoyed about I Can See Clearly Now:

1. A dream of wanting to become a teacher
Time spent with his uncle Bill who was a popular, well-read and intellectually stimulating school teacher inspired Wayne to prepare for college and set a goal for becoming a teacher himself.

2. Inspiring assistance along the way
His life’s pathway included a handful of memorable mentors such as his 4th grade school teacher, a high school biology instructor, and our assassinated American president, John F. Kennedy. Prominent writers in the field of psychology such as Abraham Maslow, Albert Ellis, would come along later.

3. Learning to trust in himself: in his own instincts
At the age of fifteen, Wayne discovers the book, Walden, by Henry David Thoreau and begins to solidify his embrace of independent thought and adhering to ones’ own conscious.

4. Displaying a knack for writing in his own individual style
While in high school Wayne discovered he enjoyed and had a flair for writing. He initiated his own modest business enterprise by writing book reports for .25 cents each. Fellow students were not required to pay if they received a grade of less than a B for the report. By the time Wayne reaches the age of twenty, he’s in the navy in Guam and already the author of hundreds of essays on all variety of topics.

5. Self reliance born out of necessity
Growing up in a divided household with a primarily absentee father whom he never got to know in his lifetime compelled Wayne to become self-reliant and resilient at a young age.

6. Embracing the call to spiritual teaching
His transition from a teacher in the field of psychology and interpersonal relationships into a teacher of spiritual principles and healing.

7. Forgiveness
Reconciling the anger and rage he held for his absentee father for so many years in his youth and coming to a point of unconditional forgiveness for his dad after being led to his father’s indigent grave marker in rural Mississippi.

Who should read this book
If you are a writer or aspire to be one you will enjoy reading Dr. Dyer’s life story. If you are a teacher or one who’s goal is to improve and reinvigorate the way you motivate your students, then this book should be added to your must read list. If you are a spiritual leader or one who is drawn to the subject of spiritual awakening and improvement, pick up a copy of this book. Finally, if you are one of those avid readers who just plain loves learning about the life of an active and exemplary role model in our society, then this book is for you as well.

Jeffrey Dodson
April 29th 2014

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are unbiased and reflect my honest judgment of the product.
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Apr 28, 2014 mindyperkins
First, let me warn you about my personal bias when it comes to the works of this author. To me, Dr. Dyer represents the genuine article, no facade, just what-you-see-is-what-you-get. He continues his dedication to generously share with us the wisdom of what he has come to know. In particular, the Universal Laws that, as he sees it, hold it all together and make it all work.

That said, his latest book, I Can See Clearly Now, which spans most of his life, unfolds to be an intimate, candidly written chronicle of his more-than-just-sometimes tumultuous but resolute path to enlightenment. Since enlightenment, the word, carries baggage, hence my definition: Singing the song and dancing the dance in harmony with the One source. Not only observing the world through those eyes, but living your life and making decisions resonate with that inspiration and broader view.

In my opinion, Dr. Dyer nails that definition in deed, as a prolific and gifted writer, master story-teller, lecturer, teacher and selfless humanitarian.

One of the more fascinating aspects of his book for me addresses the phenomenon alluded to in the title… describing seemingly unimportant events, randomly chosen forks, early life experiences or spontaneous encounters that were precursory to later rendezvous of a profound and life-changing nature. I have never thought of it in that way, but it’s eye opening to me to think back in my own life where if Event A hadn’t taken place, then Event B could never have happened. Sometimes freewill is our best friend, sometimes it’s not. But for sure, life is always the consummate teacher.

Since you are looking at book reviews, you…like me…must be a seeker, incredulous at the exploding proliferation of stuff that is out there now (upshot of our so named “time of awakening”). What a mouth-watering time to be in a physical body on planet earth! No matter what genre resonates with you, the underlying message is universal and alludes to one premise: The better that you can get at generating and maintaining a positive attitude and the more air-time you can give it, the better your life is going to work.

I can’t promise you that I Can See Clearly Now is going to enlighten you. (Your definition or mine) But I can promise you an absorbing read, the benefit of wisdom gathered over one persons’ lifetime of dedication, delivered by a master story-teller, with candor, humor and poignancy. What I can promise you is that I personally got all of the above and everything else that I was ready to hear. I would expect nothing else for you or any other seeker. Enjoy!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Apr 28, 2014 Reading Room
I have read almost every book Wayne Dyer has written, so I was thrilled to see that he wrote a book about his life.  Unlike many memoirs, you will find much to learn from his life, including concepts that you can apply your own life.  Dyer is a great storyteller and this book is engaging and his stories are thought provoking.  In this memoir, you will get an up close and personal look at a great man, excellent teacher, and self-help guru. It is well worth the read.

~Reviewed by Rosie B.
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Apr 07, 2014 timlarison
On the first page of his new autobiography, I Can See Clearly Now, Wayne Dyer tells a story of when he was a toddler with his Mom and two brothers. The family is waiting for an early morning bus in a cold Detroit winter, when suddenly a truck drives by and showers the family with snow. Dyer’s Mom is exasperated – she was dressed for work. Dyer’s brothers are upset, too, with three year old David crying uncontrollably. The ever positive Dyer makes the best of the situation. “It’s OK, Mommy. Don’t cry. We can all just stay here and play in the snow.”

I found this story and many more a fascinating look at Wayne Dyer’s life in I Can See Clearly Now. Dyer holds back nothing in telling his story – the ups and the downs, the successes and the disappointments. In 58 chapters Dyer takes us from his childhood to his current success as a New York Times best selling author. Each chapter concludes with a “I Can See Clearly Now” section where from the benefit of hindsight Dyer makes sense of the incidents that happened in earlier his life.

One issue prominent in this book and from his past work is Dyer’s relationship to his father. Abandoned as an infant, Dyer was angry and bitter towards his Dad for many years until he came to a forgiveness moment. This was the focus of Hay House’s My Greatest Teacher movie that I reviewed back in 2012. In retelling the story this time, in the I Can See Clearly Now portion, Dyer writes, “my life without the benefit of a father was perfect in every way. From this vantage point I see that my books, lectures, films, and recordings came about because my father was absent from my life. My ego wanted him, but my spirit knew that I had a far greater purpose to fulfill.”

In telling his stories and the lessons he learned from each one, Dyer may cause his readers to ponder the incidents that have occurred in their lives, and what meaning they can get from those. I know the book had that effect on me. “There are so many benefits that can and will accrue for you if you are willing to examine your own personal story from the perspective of having an open mind,” he writes. “In relating all of the circumstances that were major turning points in my life throughout the pages of this book, I discovered some truths I would like to share with you so that you too might enjoy the benefits of looking at your life, then and now, through unclouded lenses.”

If you are a Wayne Dyer fan, I Can See Clearly Now is a must read for a behind the scenes look at the life of this inspirational author. Whether you are familiar with Dyer’s past work or not, I believe the book will cause you to take a look back at your own life, and come up with your own “I Can See Clearly Now” insights.
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Apr 01, 2014 LizKelso
I have been a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s for twenty years. I was delighted to see that he had written a memoir. This is an exceptional memoir and it has exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Dyer takes us through all the stages of his life. Not only do we travel through his physical life from childhood until recent times, but we travel through his spiritual growth. He expounds on how each stage of his life brought him to new insights and new ways of looking at the world. Each pivotal point has made him the person he is today.

There are things in this book that his fans would know; however, there are some stories that I had not known and now I have a greater appreciation for him. I did not know much about his formal education and how the paths he decided to take, led him to where he is today.

Dr. Dyer has written many books throughout his life and he is generous with his information and knowledge. This book is both entertaining and inspirational.

Although this is a memoir, his writing style is still soothing and uplifting. A lot of memoirs I’ve read have either been braggadocios or depressing, this one is neither. Every sentence was well thought out and well crafted.
I have recommended this book to many of my friends.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Mar 19, 2014 ginadrellack
Wayne Dyer’s inspirational memoir is a beautiful, divine expression. Having read other books by this spiritual guide, I knew I would appreciate this piece as well. I looked forward to his teaching, but I was surprised by how much I also enjoyed the autobiography aspect.

I love the format of this book: each of the 58 chronological chapters contains a short story of a particular event in Wayne’s life, followed by his reflections on what he now can see as the lesson it taught him.

As a memoir, I appreciate the insight into the person. As a spiritual teaching tool, I appreciate the down-to-Earth guidance to see situations with a higher inner vision. The lessons he has learned and shares with the reader are universal truths, and are easily recognizable in my own situations. I believe they will resonate with you, too.

This book is a must-read for those interested in either the man or personal guidance–or both. Whether you have read any of his other books or this is your first, you will find it easy to be with and difficult to put down.

Hay House graciously gave me this book of choice simply in exchange for my honest thoughts about it, as part of their Book Nook blogger program.
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Mar 19, 2014 cmwaugh
Lessons in every moment - "I Can See Clearly Now"

Wayne Dyer has helped millions of people improve their lives by recognizing and acknowledging lessons in every moment, and he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Just like me, you probably thought Dyer is attached to some famous celebrity, or he was born into an enviable, generational pedigree to get where he is -- not!

Don't let his current fame and fortune fool you. By reading his new book, I Can See Clearly Now, you will learn how many obstacles Dyer confronted to get to where he is today. Who knew? I didn't!

Dyer has earned all the accolades, kudos, acknowledgments and honors bestowed upon him as he faced grueling choices between right and wrong. He stood by his truth without letting his peers and authority figures influence him otherwise.

In I Can See Clearly Now, he reminds readers to never take lightly any book that shows up in your life, especially if it immediately piques your interest - there's something there for you to learn.

That's what happened when I was given the opportunity by Hay House to review this special book. I contemplated a lot about a few poor choices I made during my own journey growing up.

For me, this book is a reflective skeletal template for examining my own self-actualization.

Dyer also shared personal challenges during historical moments, an all-knowing presence of seeing the big picture, and always clinging to his truth with his eyes wide opened.

In the book he provides sage advice with more detailed reflection as he speaks about:

- No limit thinking.
- Having a mind of your own.
- Ingrained habits that need work on a subconscious level.
- Don't let anyone take away what you feel to be your truth.
- When you have a choice to be right or kind, always pick kind.
- Change self-defeating attitudes and seek your own innate greatness.
- Live from a new perspective.
- Notice what shows up in your life.

These are just a few powerful prescriptions for success you will encounter as you reflect on your own journey through the past by reading his very personal account of his own.

Dyer's book, I Can See Clearly Now, reminds me of something I've studied through A Course in Miracles (ACIM) that states:

"... Once you accept His plan as the one function that you would fulfill, there will be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not arrange for you without your effort. He will go before you making straight your path, and leaving in your way no stones to trip on and no obstacles to bar your way. Nothing you need will be denied you. Not one seeming difficulty but will melt away before you reach it. ..."

These ACIM words kept ringing in my ear as I realized Dyer's "fork in the road" life choices (although challenging) were truly led by Divine Providence.

I dare you to experience and reflect on your own lessons learned during every moment of every challenging situation in your own life as you read, chapter by chapter, the remarkable story of a man who loves everyone and only wants the best for you.

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. )
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Mar 17, 2014 BWegel
In 'I Can See Clearly Now', Dr. Wayne Dyer tells the stories that shaped his life and his career and shows us how the events in his life helped shape his views of looking at life from a different perspective. Through this glimpse into his life we can witness the profound shifts he experienced throughout his life which affected his writing and his career as an author and a teacher of self-empowerment. I loved his quote about how looking back on his life, that he can now "see clearly that every situation was a thread in the tapestry that represents and defines my life."

I first became aware of Dr. Dyer in 2004 while I was in Orlando, Florida going through certification for an infant massage class that I needed for continuing education. My instructor was a huge fan of Dr. Dyer and this is what led me to become interested in his writing. Ever since I picked up the first Wayne Dyer book, I have felt a strong attraction to this man and his work and I was thrilled to finally get the chance to see him speak in person at the Hay House I Can Do It conference in Atlanta in 2012! He did not disappoint! Even though I have never met him, I feel as if I know him through his writing and his public speaking.

'I Can See Clearly Now' is my favorite book that Dr. Dyer has written because it gives the background stories on how some of my favorite books written by him came into being. It provides a glimpse into the experiences and turning points that led to the creation of his books as well as what set him on his life path. Dr. Dyer is a gifted teacher and storyteller and I enjoyed reading about the shifts he experienced that impacted his life, his career, and his beliefs. My favorite stories were the "Secret Garden story" where he discovers the secret place within himself that has no restrictions and where are things are possible, and the story about visiting his father's grave where he lets go of all the feelings of anger and resentment he has held for his father and replaces them with love and forgiveness towards his father. I enjoyed seeing the scenes of his life play out in sequence with the opportunities and challenges in his life "arriving in God's perfect timing to present him with exactly the experiences he would need in order to fulfill his dharma." The book is full of personal stories, "Dyerisms" (Wayne Dyer quotes) and his great wisdom!

In 'I Can See Clearly Now', Dr. Dyer encourages each of us to adopt an "I can see clearly mentality"; to look back at all the significant events of our lives and see the invisible hand of God and to become more conscious in the present moments of our lives and to shift our thoughts to thoughts of unconditional love. He encourages us to examine those major turning points in our own lives and to look carefully at the "so-called coincidences" that had to arise for us to shift direction. He urges us to remember that there is a plan always at work, even if we can't recognize it as it is unfolding and to put less emphasis on the ego and "What's in it for me?" and to adopt instead "How may I serve?" He says that "every moment of our lives offers us the opportunity to play close attention to see the person who approaches us, not as a stranger, but as someone who showed up in the right place, at the right moment." He urges us to view the unpleasant events in our lives through a different that offers us a learning experience and an opportunity for growth and to become more God-conscious.

Dr. Dyer has made a big impact on my life and I highly recommend his latest book! For those not familiar with his work, this book will give the reader some background on some of his best-selling books with some of his most famous quotes, but it also allows his fans to look at the meaningful progression of his life and what has inspired his wonderful body of work.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product and I was not financially compensated for this review.
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Mar 02, 2014 awatson
I have been a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer ever since I first heard him being interviewed on Oprah's Soul Series satellite radio program in 2008. He is one of the few spiritual teachers who can deliver esoteric and even scientific material in a way that makes sense to the rest of us. His teachings are grounded in commonsense with pragmatic approaches that perfectly complement the material he happens to be presenting. So when Dr. Dyer’s latest book, I Can See Clearly Now was released, I was thrilled to receive a copy from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

Although the book is being billed as a memoir, anyone who has been following Dr. Dyer’s work and listened to his live lectures through the years can attest that most of the books he’s written have autobiographical references that highlight his spiritual journey. I feel that I Can See Clearly Now builds upon his previous works and includes a few surprises with as-yet untold anecdotes.

I Can See Clearly Now is a very entertaining read as Dr. Dyer is a masterful storyteller. Unlike many who are highly visible in the new age arena, he’s never hidden the fact that he’s had his share of health and emotional challenges. He acknowledges that although he teaches empowerment, it does not, in any way, make him infallible. He has human frailties and flaws like we all do, and he seems to insist on sharing this information with his fans. How distressing it is to discover that certain inspirational teachers have suddenly passed away after having battled terminal diagnoses for quite some time, yet insisted on keeping this a secret from their fans due to some irrational fear that their message will now be rejected because somehow they’re no longer “perfect.”

What makes Dr. Dyer one of the best sages of our time is that he understands the power in sharing one’s story, no matter what the perception. And as a result of his courage, untold numbers of people worldwide have been empowered to heal themselves through his message.
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