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Mind Over Medicine

Lissa Rankin, M.D.

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We've been led to believe that when we get sick, it's our genetics. Or it's just bad luck—and doctors alone hold the keys to optimal health. For years, Lissa Rankin, M.D., believed the same. But when ... More

May 06, 2014 Angels Reviews

Mind Over Medicine is a book that, in my opinion, is going to change the way disease (dis-ease) is viewed as a whole. In this book Dr. Rankin walks us through her personal journey on discovering and learning about the minds ability to heal the body. For any skeptics out there, Lissa Rankin does provide plenty of scientific proof regarding the body's innate ability to self-repair, however, I say the proof is in the results. Simply changing your thoughts, the wayyou think, and what you feed your body, both internally and externally will be proof enough that Mind Over Medicineis not some catchy, new age fad but instead a complete life changing experience.

Many of us may not realize that thoughts and feelings influence every cell in our bodies and that years of memories and emotions are literally stored in our cells. This can, of course, be good or bad depending on the nature of the memories and emotions within us. Naturally, any negative occurrences that haven't been properly healed and released are continuing to harm our bodies. Dr. Rankin goes into detail about this in the book and also gives excellent advice of how to go about healing yourself from within.

For several years we have been researching, funding and rallying to try and find the cure to cancer, AIDS, and many other complex diseases. But what if the cure has, in fact, been within us all along? How many people would still be alive today had these self-healing practices been shared with them?

If you or someone you know is currently struggling with some sort of illness, disease or discomfort this book will give you some practical and life changing healing tools to utilize in your everyday life. You do have the power to heal yourself. It all begins with changing the way you think.

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Oct 20, 2013 SarahKleinCoach
I’m sorry I’ve been off the blog for several months, dear readers.

As some of you know, in April, I got sick. Somewhat out of the blue. I had pain, went to the ER, and a few weeks later got a Stage IV diagnosis of a “women’s disease” with no real cure. One major pelvic surgery, two organs removed, and several months of recovery later – I can finally review this book: Lissa Rankin’s, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof that You Can Heal Yourself. Which was sitting on my coffee table before this all started. THANK YOU UNIVERSE (and Hay House.)

This book has been my companion. It has walked me through the healing process. It has helped me to understand WHY. It asks penetrating questions that were often very painful for me to answer. I filled up two journals while reading this book. It goes deep. Which can hurt. But also feels so, SO good.

For anyone that is having a hard time coming to terms with being sick, this one is for you. For anyone who wants to heal. This one’s for you. For anyone who wants to help a family member heal. This one is for you. Dr. Rankin “recognizes the body’s innate ability to self-repair and has an appreciation for how we can control these self-healing mechanisms with the power of the mind.” YES PLEASE.

This book gave me hope. It gave me you healing. It gave me a plan.

This book came to me when I most needed it. It is truly a Hay House great. I am honored to have read it, I am thankful for Lissa Rankin, and I hope this book can help a gazillion more people out of their suffering. It certainly helped me out of mine.

Thank you, thank you.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Oct 03, 2013 Starry4ever
This is a very good book if you are new to the placebo effect. There is some stuff in the book that I have read before and some new stuff. I'm not a big believer in the placebo effect,though. I think people can discount a treatment or healing modality that someone uses and just say it was only the placebo effect. I've had people do this to me. Some alternative medicine does work, but some people like to say it's the placebo effect which discounts treatments that really work.

Anyways, I believe that stress can be a big factor in developing illness. I know when I'm stressed, I'm more likely to catch colds. They rarely last long. Times when members of my family caught bad colds, I didn't catch it. I put the thought in my head that I am immune to the cold virus and will not catch the virus. It works good for me.

I like the last chapter "6 Steps to Healing Yourself" as it can help in the healing process in whatever ails you. I like how the book puts emphasis on living a healthier lifestyle by being positive,eating healthy,etc.

Overall, this is a good book which has a lot of good info. I recommend it highly.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Sep 26, 2013 Aussiegirl
First let me start right off with this beautiful, powerful book is a must have in your library, one that you can go back to and grab to check out medical and natural things you might want to see what you can do about sickness other then going to a hospital. Worth every penny you would pay for it. With that said--- I love books that help me improve my health at my age. I only wish these kinds of books were written when I was younger or where they?????? I will take any help that I can get happily.

In this book Lissa states how DR's that give bad new (in the hospital) let's say after surgery or after a check up with bad news what truly can happen. I think that what was said in this book is right I remember when I was 28 I always felt what happen to my Dad died earlier then he should have because of what the DR. said to him. I felt what the negative attitude that the DR had said to my Dad I saw where he started to go down hill. Dr Rankin said negative thoughts translate into a real physiological change. Read I mean really read and understand what page 48 says that way if a Dr. says something negative to you or a loved one response differently trust God. This chapter has changed how I face a DR and tell him I'll take my life and live it differently then you say or hey why all the negatively attitude, think positive.

How to Elicit The Relaxation Response This is from another author-- Herbert Benson's The Relaxation Response.
There's a list and there are 9 in that list actually they are steps on how to relax-- mind over medicine is worth buying just for these steps. The relaxation steps technique actually was found to be highly effective for eliciting the relaxation response and improving health.

This book is just packed full of all kinds of information and it is powerful book beautiful book.

I received this book free from Hay House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else's.
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Sep 11, 2013 AndyB
As soon as I glimpsed this book's title, I was interested in reading it. I've always been a believer that the power of the mind can make it possible to self heal. And it was with no surprise that I found this book actually reinforces my beliefs that we can, with the right mind set and the right environment, be a catalyst in developing our own good health.

This book brings in scientific studies to prove we hold the key to improve our health; at the same token, we can make ourselves sick by believing in sickness and nurturing hopelessness. By no means Lissa Rankin suggests for us to ditch the doctors and just think healthy thoughts, but together with positive thinking, the right therapy (alternative or otherwise) and the right environment, cure is possible.

Even the wrong medical provider can sabotage a good cure. It actually happened to me. In two separate occasions, when I didn't like the doctor I was seeing (not enough caring, no good rapport), my treatment didn't yield good results. When I had to seek for a second opinion and actually had a great interaction with the new doctor, the treatment was totally successful because I believed the doctor was capable enough to cure me, and I knew it was going to be alright. Lissa highlights several similar situations in her book, and also tells her own story.

Positive thinking can improve your health, and several factors in your life are also important for your health to thrive. Great examples of health nuts whose health was not OK because they were involved in bad relationships, or unsatisfying and stressful jobs, or something else that aggravated their health no matter what they did externally, illustrates the chapters. If, internally, you're not in peace with yourself and your world, you won't reap all the benefits you could from exercise, diet, etc. Doctors, teachers and parents should read this book and apply the advice given here. It should be mandatory reading!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Aug 30, 2013 RunToTheFinish
Have you ever heard stories about people who were misdiagnosed with terminal illness and died only months later? Or someone who refused treatment and by all accounts miraculously went in to remission? These are the stories which increasingly have doctors and patients beginning to connect the dots between the mind and body.

This concept of mind body is not new, but each time I read something new it deepens my belief and when that information is backed by science…well it helps to overcome some of those lingering doubts which is exactly what Dr. Lissa Rankin had in mind when publishing Mind Over Medicine.

In fact this passage sounded so much like me and the hundreds of you who have emailed me that I knew this book needed to be shared:Mind Over Medicine

The Epidemic: “They feel depressed and anxious. They toss and turn at night…they complain of vague physical symptoms, such as muscle aches, back and neck pain, gastrointestinal disturbances, headaches, chest tightness and dizziness.

Suspecting something is terribly wrong, patients suffering from the epidemic go to the doctor knowing something must be wrong. The doctor runs a series of tests and winds up pronouncing the patient “well”. Only the patient doesn’t feel well.”

Yes that was me. Yes one doctor told me I was stressed. Yes I was pissed off to hear him say that because it felt like he was saying I’d imagined all of these symptoms. Now, I understand that the physical manifestations were 100% real and likely caused by continued mental, physical and emotional stress.

Emotionally I had moved away from my support system and had a lot of trouble making sincere connections in Miami. -
Mentally I was working long hours on projects that seemed riddled with issues. -- The Japanese actually coined the term karoshi to refer to the approximately 10,000 people each year who die simply from working themselves to death.
Physically I was stressing my body with marathon training, plus trying to test out every new trend. - While exercise is a good stress, it takes an understanding of recovery to truly reap health benefits.

I wish it hadn’t taken my health hitting such a critical low point for me to begin accepting that my lifestyle was a major part of the problem regardless of how many organic foods I was eating or miles I was running. I started meditating. I started going to more group events. I quit my job. I started seeking out doctors who focused on the whole picture {shout out again to Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez}. He helped to work on physical manifestations, but often prescribed things like watching a movie without working as my RX!

I book marked so many pages because they jumped out at me that I can’t even share them all…but here are a few of the key points which I hope will get some of you thinking.

“whether patients get sick or stay healthy, whether they manage to heal themselves or stay sick, may have even more to do with everything else that’s going on in the patient’s life than with any “healthy” thing they do.”

The book Blue Zones, initially introduced me to the idea that friendship, community and a sense of purpose are core to healthy living. It sounds pretty reasonable when you say it that way, but how often have you ever connected your illness to your lack of time with friends or working too many hours.

“People treated with placebos may experience boosts in immune function which result from flipping off the stress response and initiating the relaxation response…How can someone shed hair when given saline? How can they vomit when given sugar water?…Scientists believe the nocebo effect is caused primarily by activation of the same stress response the placebo effect relieves.”

Since a big portion of this book deals with changing your mental state, I wanted to check out some healing therapies that focus on this. From things you can do at home like meditation to using energy for healing with something like reiki! The key point in all of this is to remember that they are not saying don’t see doctors!! If you need surgery or break an arm see a physician! But recognize that taking actions for a balanced life may be part of overall wellness.
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Aug 18, 2013 ginadrellack
Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, by Lissa Rankin, M.D., is a powerful perspective for anyone to consider.

Mind Over MedicineThe author is a credible and successful physician who is radically overcoming conventional medicine's approach of doctor authority over patients. The message is that we do not need to hand our healing power over to have someone else "fix" us, that we each have more healing power than we have ever imagined, ourselves.

Time out. In no way is she suggesting to abandon current medical care. The perspectives in this book are not either/or: there is room in this realm for all forms of healing, and it is the individual's responsibility to make wise--and intuitive--decisions.

Each of us has the power to heal our body just by changing how our mind thinks and feels. Yes, heal on a very large scale.

Now, this is far greater than simply putting on a happy face and thinking rainbows and hearts. This is a spiritual path. This is a challenge of connecting lifestyle dots, reexamining personal beliefs, and taking responsibility. This is asking yourself, "What does my body need in order to heal?" And then it is honestly looking at the answer you may receive, even if it is along the lines of:

I need to leave my spouse.
I need to quit my job.
I need to finally go back to school.
I need to leave this church.
I need to have a child.
I need to forgive ______.
I need to say no to ______.
I need to put my aging parent in a home.

The book is organized into three parts: Believe Yourself Well/Treat Your Mind/Write the Prescription. Part One talks about long-standing scientific evidence that supports this radical idea of self-healing, including the effects of both the stress and relaxation responses physiologically on the body. Part Two identifies strategies to identify personal stress-response indicators, as well as teach how to create counteractive measures. Part Three shows you how to diagnose yourself as well as write your own prescription for health, with specific tools, steps, and guidelines.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart.

Again, this is a spiritual journey. You have the capacity, and the courage. This book is your direct support, and anyone at any point on their path will benefit in some form by reading it.

I was graciously given this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest thoughts about it.
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Aug 12, 2013 ahlmt

Dr. Rankin does a great job of making this book not only full of mindblowing information, but also making it fun and easy to read! She says, "When people are doing everything right...eating organic veggies, avoiding... processed foods, exercising daily, sleeping well... we should expect them to live long, prosperous lives and die of old age while sleeping peacefully, right? So why is it that so many health nuts are sicker than others who pig out on barbecue, guzzle beer, sleep five hours a night and veg out on the sofa in front of the boob tube?" TOTALLY! Right?

One example in the book that made total sense to me talks about a woman who suffered from pelvic pain. It only appears when her abusive, controlling boss walks into her office. She sees her gynecologist, gets diagnosed with endometriosis and he recommends surgery, along with a referral to a urologist. She sees the urologist who puts a camera into her bladder and diagnoses her with interstitial cystitis but refers her to a gastroenterologist to be certain. She sees the gastroenterologist who sticks a scope up her butt and slaps her with the label of irritable bowel syndrome. In reality, if she found a different job where she didn't have to deal with that boss, her pain wouldn't appear and she would not have had to undergo all of those intrusive tests.

She goes on to present scientific evidence proving that stress, loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear, and anxiety actually damage the body. She also shows that intimate relationships, gratitude, meditation, sex, and authentic expression of yourself turn on the body's self healing process.

This book walks you through a six-step process of evaluating your life to see where things might be out of whack so that you can work on making the life changes that you need in order to feel better. It's a lot of work, but it's really fascinating! She then takes it one step further and has you write yourself your own "prescription" - your own treatment plan to "heal yourself".

The author directs you to her website,, where she offers a downloadable "self healing tool kit". It includes excerpts from the book, worksheets and journal space and is 56 pages long! I expected to have to pay for this workbook, but it's absolutely free. You just provide your email address to sign up for her newsletter, which I look forward to seeing!

I ABSOLUTELY, wholeheartedly recommend this book! Not only if you are feeling sick, but to help you take a look at your life's bigger picture as a proactive step toward health and wellness. It's very relatable, easy to read, and I enjoyed the process very much!

One more thing that I LOVE about this book is the concept of "RADICAL SELF CARE". Although it's not easy to go through the process of evaluating your life and writing your prescription for better health, it's even more difficult to actually do what you know that you need to do to be happy, relaxed, and free of stress. She says "When we ignore the whispers... the body begins to yell. What started as a headache becomes a stroke. What began as a vague tightening in your chest becomes a heart attack... When are we going to start listening to the body's whispers before the body breaks down?" Healing yourself IS worth the effort. I've decided that I'm going to start practicing "RADICAL SELF CARE" and I think it's so important I'm going to start incorporating it into my blog.

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Aug 06, 2013 frankvancouver
“Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself” wants to remind people the innate power for self-healing that we all have. The book starts with an introduction by Kriss Carr, who shares her experience with thriving with a chronic disease.

Dr. Lissa Rankin is a medical doctor, who decided to help people to heal in a more holistic way and to move away from the often dualistic approach which is so common in “Western” medicine. She brings a lot of wisdom to the table, supporting it with scientific evidences.

There is a need to show, again and again, that there is no real external healing, but that healing happens from the inside out. While external interventions may be beneficial, and sometimes necessary, what happens afterward is about what happens inside us. Lissa fills this need, showing cases where patients achieved results that were considered unattainable, by changing their behaviors and beliefs.

Dr. Lissa Rankin looks into the “placebo effect”, and other aspects of healing which question our contemporary understanding of prevention, recovery and interventions.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.
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Aug 06, 2013 cmwaugh
It’s Simple Physiology – It’s Medicine For The Mind!

"I often joke that I practice love, with a little medicine on the side. ~ Dr. Lissa Rankin

Lissa Rankin, MD, mind-body medicine physician and author of Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself says, "... it's not some New Age metaphysical thing. It's simple physiology." It's medicine for the mind!

Talk about getting the whole enchilada; Dr. Rankin's book provided me with more than the whole enchilada, she threw in the kitchen sink, and then some! It's proof for me that our thoughts can lead to self-healing.

Rankin's references alone show the tremendous amount of research and evidence to back up much of her advice, "We shouldn't have to wait for illness to realign with our truth ... If illness strikes, it's a potent opportunity to wake up ..."

Dr. Rankin is all about informing us about what we need to do to take back our own self-care power. She vows to readers:

"I'm writing this book for you -- for every person who has ever been sick, anyone who has ever loved someone with an illness, and anyone who wants to prevent illness."

Just like I experienced, by the time you're done with this book, she promises, "... you'll have made your own diagnosis, written your own prescription, and created a clear action plan designed to help you make your body ripe for miracles."

Along with this book, she provides other guidance and tools to allow us to map out and look at our own health so we can create a solid plan for a more healthy future, collectively.

For me this book couldn't have come at a better time as it's ripe for the unprecedented healthcare reform act.

This girl is on a mission. A mission to educate us all about the complementary map to wellness.

And now I present to you Dr. Lissa Rankin in the YouTube video: - from a TedX talk. As she says at the end of the video to the audience, "Be the love that you want to see in healthcare."

I send you love, blessings and wishes for a prosperous and abundant life!

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. )
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Aug 01, 2013 stephaniesherie

"Promoting health of the body without encouraging health of the mind is an exercise in futility."

Lisa's book is about embracing the power of the body to heal itself. Obviously, we see this when a cut is healed or a bruise goes away, but Lisa taps into this more deeply through peer-reviewed medical literature and testimonials. She also gives concrete ways to give our bodies what they need to heal through your customized prescription. This is not about taking a pill. It is about changing your life to one of living your true purpose and calling.

The book begins by digging into placebo effect. "Fake treatments, such as sugar pills, saline injections, and sham surgeries, are routinely used in modern clinical trials to determine whether a particular drug, surgery, or treatment is truly effective." Because the placebo effect is so powerful in healing the body, Lisa says, "Placebos don't just change how you feel, they change your biochemistry." This chapter digs deeply into her findings on why and how the placebo effect happens and includes footnotes to show the source of her research.

Lisa continues with the power of the body to make itself sick, which would be the opposite of the placebo effect. She continues to show examples and documentation of cases where one can "Think Sick, Be Sick." As a mother, I was interested in her section of "Be Mindful of How You Program Children." For her own child Lisa says she will give her daughter a placebo or a dose of medicine but always with the phrase, "This is just to help you heal yourself." If for no other reason than this chapter, I am grateful to have read this book. Lisa continues with the importance of a nurturing, caring relationship in healing. This turns off our stress response and helps our immune system. It can also work in reverse which Lisa explains in depth.

Treating Your Mind is the theme of the part two. This collection of chapters redefines health to include all areas of your life, not only physical. Here is an example, "Marla's health conditions were not cured by a drug, supplement, or surgery, but by reducing the stress in her life, relaxing her mind and body, following a dream, finding love, and filling her body with health-inducing hormones while ridding her body of harmful stress hormones. Such changes resulted in measurable physiological changes in her body." Lisa spend a lot of pages explaining the powerful effect of the stress response on out bodies. It is from our thoughts, our mind, that our body responds. When I read this chapter on the cascade of effects of stress in the body, it renewed my commitment to nurture the way I look at life. "Romantic relationships, healthy sexuality, and the support of a spiritual community, affect not just your happiness, but your physiology." Lisa also spends time on the affect of work on our health. According to Lisa, symptoms of job stress are backaches, headaches, eye strain, insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, appetite disturbances, and gastrointestinal distress.

"If you're committed to preventing disease or healing yourself from illness, be brave enough to tell yourself the truth."

"Stripping off the masks we wear in order to impress other people, appear more `professional,' cover up our imperfections, and protect ourselves from getting hurt can work wonders when we're on a quest for optimal health. Being unapologetically who we are -- not just at work, but at home, in the schoolyard, at church, wherever-soothes the mind, halts the stress response, induces the relaxation response, and heals the body. Authenticity, in work and life, can be medicine for the body."

I wish I could share even more from this enlightening, articulate book but this would run very long. She continues into happiness, how to counteract the stress response, and the final section is about learning radical self-care. This is the part of the book where you would journal, reflect, and really apply all of the ideas she has discussed.

This book is thought-provoking. It is a well-rounded approach to a more-fulfilled life but make not mistake -- you must ask the tough questions of yourself and be willing to respond to the answers you receive from you "inner pilot light."

Hay House sent me Mind Over Medicine for my honest opinion.

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Jul 30, 2013 julieinmichigan
Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof that you can Heal Yourself by Lissa Rankin, M.D. will convince you of the truth of her findings, if scientific proof is what you need. However, many of us can skip all the proofs that she provides and simply believe in the validity of what Dr. Rankin proposes, that our emotional health is important if we are concerned about our physical health. Findings have been brought forth proving that a happy state of mind, a supportive environment and major stress reduction will enable our bodies to not only heal faster but can act as a preventive methodology when disease threatens.

I was totally supportive of this book before I read it. I truly believe that our minds are more powerful than any disease which it may encounter. The author provides scientific proof based on verifiable studies for those who would doubt the accuracy of this theory. Her experience with western medicine, as a practicing Doctor of Medicine, should convince those who only believe information about health must come from people with white coats.

Presenting her findings and agreeing with her theories will only take us so far. When we are unhappy in our lives, marriages, work and home environments, how can we implement the necessary changes so that we can be happy and therefore succeed in having a healthy life, free of disease? Fortunately, Dr. Rankin did not stop at just finding the formula for health but continued to inform us of methods for bringing more happiness into our lives.

Meditation is the key that she suggests we can use to unlock the door to our ‘Inner Pilot Light’ which she describes as the base of our inner guidance. She has created a wonderful visual map showing the contributing factors which affect our health and the bubble which acts as a glue to the balance by contributing gratitude, service, love and pleasure. Connecting to this inner knowing and healing wisdom to guide us, each in our own unique way, will inform us of the obstacles standing in our way.

She finishes the book with clear directions for taking the 6 steps to heal yourself, believing in your ability to heal yourself, find your support team, listen to your body and intuition, diagnose the root causes of your illness by determining what your body needs in order to heal, how balanced is your total health package (including spirituality, sexuality, physical body, relationships and work), write our own prescription, write and finally, take action on the prescription you write for yourself. She provides suggested instruction on meditation to use and also provides assistance on her website with downloadable guides.

Dr. Rankin believes we hold the key to our own health and well-being and I agree. Her suggestions and questions are simply ways to get at the truth although she does heartily recommend having a support system in place before embarking on the journey because some of the truths we may encounter could be challenging to deal with alone. I agree with Dr. Rankin on much of the information in her book.

The only problem that I have with this book is her comments regarding alternative healing practices such as Reiki. In the discussion of placebos and no-cebos, she proposes that these same principals hold true. As a practicing Reiki Master for many years I really don’t know how you could pretend to give reiki and not give it. If you have belief in reiki, you know that all that is required to ‘turn it on’ is your intention to do so. I suppose if you hadn’t received an attunement and pretended that you did, it could affect the volume of healing energy flowing through your hands. However, my belief is that everyone has healing energy which may pass through their hands, only reiki practitioners have the volume turned up. This equates to a small note for a large book with many truths and excellent suggestions.

I received this book as a gift from Hay House in exchange for writing my review. I was in no way coerced to write a positive or negative review, simply to state my opinion.

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Jul 28, 2013 aimeeroo

Growing up with a psychologist for a dad was a lot of fun, and of course, made me very interested in the mind and how it works. One of the most interesting things for me were the stories of people healing themselves, in sometimes dramatic ways. So I was obviously quiet excited to have a chance to read Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself.

I’ve always believed in the mind body connection, and have even seen it at work in my own life (mom and dad once used a very effective placebo on me when I was little, but that is a story for another time)! In this book that belief is backed up with science proving that it’s real. Dr. Rankin did a great deal of research of peer-reviewed medical literature and found evidence proving that the body can heal itself. Using extraordinary cases of spontaneous healing, Dr. Rankin shows how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the body’s physiology.

Now, before you get the wrong impression, this is not a book that discounts what modern medicine can do for patients. This is about helping you take more of an active role in your own health, especially for those times when you do need the help of doctors and medicine. It’s also about taking steps to prevent things from getting to that point when possible.

Towards the end of the book, she presents a six-step program to help with your own healing process. The steps help you discover where things might be off balance, and then offer a plan to help fix them. Every aspect from professional to personal, nutrition and environment, are talked about. This will help you tune into your body’s signals so you can take steps to heal.

What I love most is the message that we do know our bodies better than we think we do, and because of that, we can help heal ourselves. The only thing that would make this book even better would be an index. It’s certainly a book that I will be referring to again and again.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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Jul 18, 2013 EvolvingStacey

I recently joined the Hay House Book Nook Blogger Program, which means I will start reviewing Hay House products on my blog. This new partnership is a great fit for my blog and my evolving journey because all of Hay House’s products have a positive self-help slant and are encourage people to heal themselves and our planet Earth.

How amazing is that! I’ve been a Hay House fan ever since I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay back in the 1980s.

The first book I’m reviewing for Hay House is Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin.

About the Book…

Through her research, Dr. Rankin discovered that the health care she had been taught to practice was missing something crucial: a recognition of the body’s innate ability to self-repair and an appreciation for how we can control these self-healing mechanisms with the power of the mind. In an attempt to better understand this phenomenon, she explored peer-reviewed medical literature and found evidence that the medical establishment had been proving that the body can heal itself for over 50 years.

Using extraordinary cases of spontaneous healing, Dr. Rankin shows how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the body’s physiology.

She lays out the scientific data proving that loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear, and anxiety damage the body, while intimate relationships, gratitude, meditation, and authentic self-expression flip on the body’s self-healing processes.

This is a perfect book for my scientist husband because he would need hard core scientific data to believe things like gratitude and authentic self-expression can trigger the body’s self-healing process. I innately believe this to be true…but now I have the data to make up my intuition.
Create a Customized Treatment Plan

In the final section of the book, Lissa Rankin shares a radical new wellness model based on her scientific findings. Her unique six-step program can help you uncover where things might be out of whack in your life — spiritually, creatively, environmentally, nutritionally, and in your professional and personal relationships so that you can create a customized treatment plan aimed at bolstering these health promoting pieces of your life.

You’ll learn how to listen to your body’s “whispers” before they turn to life-threatening “screams” that can be prevented with proper self-care, and you’ll learn how to trust your inner guidance when making decisions about your health and your life.
How Mind Over Medicine is Changing the Way I Parent

I am really enjoying this book! Lissa Rankin has inspired me to take a new approach to how I handle illness with my children. I’m beginning to talk about self-healing with my boys, empowering them to BELIEVE that they have the self-healing superpowers to fight disease and activate health. Yes, I still give my children medicine when they need it…but inspired by Dr. Rankin, I’m beginning to change how I speak about illness, injuries, and the healing process.

I put my learning into practice two nights ago when my 7 year old woke up (twice) screaming that his foot hurt. In the past, I would dash to the bathroom to give him children’s Tylenol. This time, I gave him a placebo (a Tic Tac), placed a cold compress on his foot, and told him “This is just to help you heal yourself”. After ten minutes of crying, he stopped almost immediately after I gave him a Tic Tac.

Of course I would have gone to the doctor if he woke up not being able to walk…but he woke up happy go lucky with zero pain.
6 Simple Steps To Heal Yourself

In closing, I want to share Lissa’s 6 steps to activating your body’s self-repair mechanisms…

Step 1: Believe You Can Heal Yourself. Don’t believe that positive thinking can cure the body? Think again!

Step 2: Find The Right Support. Equally essential to positive thinking is the nurturing care of a true healer, someone optimistic who shares your positive belief, includes you in true partnership, respects your intuition, cares for your wellbeing, and ensures you that you won’t be alone on your self-healing journey.

Step Three: Listen To Your Body & Your Intuition. Nobody knows your body better than you, not even a doctor.

Step Four: Diagnose The Root Causes Of Your Illness. What aspects of your life are activating your stress responses? What relaxation response-inducing activities — like meditation, creative expression, laughter, engaging in work you love, massage, yoga, or playing with animals — have you been neglecting?

Step Five: Write The Prescription For Yourself. This is a self-guided action plan intended to make your body ripe for optimal health and full recovery.

Step Six: Surrender Attachment To Outcomes. What if you’ve adopted a positive attitude, found the right healer, tapped into your intuition and your body, diagnosed the root cause of your health condition, written The Prescription for yourself and put it into action – but you’re still sick? This is where the art of surrender comes in. Some patients do everything “right” and spontaneous remission happens. But others are still sick. If you have done everything within your power to make your body ripe for miracles — the rest is out of your hands. So take a deep breath, trust The Universe, surrender attachment to any particular health outcome, and let any health condition you face be an opportunity for spiritual awakening.

In Joy,

Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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Jul 12, 2013 solitaireangel

Are you someone who lives in a state of chronic pain, either mental or physical?? Are tired of living in the high stress pace of ‘Life”?? Do just want better health??

I really am at a loss, as where to begin with this book, it was such a GREAT book! A wealth of information, knowledge and freedom. It really reminded me of Louise Hay’s books “You Can Heal Your Life” and “You Can Heal Your Body” both book are fabulous! However Dr. Lissa Rankin brings just a little more to the table, scientific proof to all the theories, philosophies and believes to the mind, body, spirit connection. This was an eye opener in the medical profession and how more and more doctors are using what was once considered new age practices and eastern medicines as well. It was refreshing to see how the doors are now being opened to our innate abilities to heal ours selves. Leading us (the general public) to be less dependant on ‘medicine”, prescriptions and old belief systems.

My personal favorite part of this book was chapter 10 “6 Steps to Heal Yourself”, after reading through all the information on how to change your own mind set, and beliefs , Dr. Rankin shows you how to put these practices…..well…. into practice. By following her proven suggestions and advice, I can clearly see how we CAN heal ourselves, freeing us form our on limiting beliefs and memes that we have absorbed from our society, parents and other family members. The time for change is now! I just finished this book, I can really feel the difference and change happening in how I perceive my physical health, the slight change in my body is felt as well. I will begin my second reading of this book very shortly, knowing that there is more that I missed the first time around, I plan to study this book as if I was taking a course. Do your self a enormous favor, read this, give your self a “personal prescription” to optimum health!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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Jul 11, 2013 AshleyA
Not until we realize that our bodies are mirrors of our interpersonal, spiritual, professional, sexual, creative, financial, environmental, mental, and emotional health will we truly heal.

I came to Mind Over Medicine expecting to confirm what I already know: our thoughts are powerful, powerful enough to effect physiological change. When it comes to our health, the way we talk to ourselves is king. Even I, as a green-juice-drinking, yoga-practicing, Deepak-Chopra-reading kind of girl know that all of that, all of those healthy practices, can only take us so far. What we eat is important, but it’s not everything.

And that’s exactly what Lissa Rankin did for me—she confirmed. In beautiful, loving, and conversational prose, she asks readers—and gently shows them how—to start listening to “the whispers” from their bodies. She writes the book as a journey and patiently asks readers “only ... [to] stay with me.” “Come, take my hand,” she tells them. “Let’s explore.”

Indeed, Rankin knows that we need a support system, that we desperately want someone to guide us through the process. “Healing yourself is not for the faint of heart,” she writes and, as someone who has done just that, she is writing her own truth. And it is that—that sense of truth and honesty, of her truth—that makes this book so powerful and separates it from others of the genre.

In the introduction, Rankin describes how she began returning to medicine after leaving her practice, how she couldn’t help but be drawn back in:

"In 2009, I began blogging about what I missed about medicine, what I loved about medicine, what originally drew me to the practice of medicine. I wrote about how I consider medicine a spiritual practice, how you practice medicine, the way you practice yoga or meditation, like you’ll never fully master it. I wrote about how the doctor-patient relationship, when treated with the awe it deserves, is sacred, how I longed to reclaim it."

Here, Lissa Rankin is not simply talking, not simply describing her career aspirations as a young medical student. No, her language is more than that—it is reverential. This one small passage has morphed into a prayer, an understanding and communion with her higher self, her Inner Pilot Light. Indeed, Mind Over Medicine is such a loving book—such a gentle and patient guide—because it comes out of her purpose; Lissa Rankin has found her “It.”

And that’s what kept me reading. The scientific evidence was fascinating and useful, and confirmed the powerful connection between mind and body that I already supposed. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to reclaim themselves and to heal themselves. But, really, it was the energy of the book that brought me in, the feeling as I read it that this was a woman on a mission, a woman so powerful because she is in alignment with her thing. Yes, she is owning her purpose and sharing it with love.

Ms. Rankin, this book served as a reminder to me. I, too, have “hightailed it in the other direction” when faced with my purpose. “But callings are funny that way,” you wrote. “You don’t get to choose your calling. It chooses you.” Beautiful and true. Yes, it’s time I follow my purpose. It’s time I do my thing.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Jul 08, 2013 timlarison
Lissa Rankin was a skeptic. A doctor trained in traditional medicine, she didn’t put much stock in mind cures. Then her health took a turn for the worse, causing her to leave the medical profession for a time. “Mind Over Medicine – Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself” is the fascinating story of how Rankin healed herself of her assorted ailments simply by changing her mental outlook, and how we can do the same. Rankin says “when you’re happy, relaxed, and free of stress, the body can accomplish amazing, even miraculous, feats of self-repair.”

The message of Mind Over Medicine is more than “don’t worry, be happy”. Rankin backs up her claims with pages of research, detailing cases of spontaneous remission, where seriously ill patients are suddenly cured. In one case study she tells of a doctor who performed “placebo knee surgery” on a number of patients – telling them they were getting surgery but unbeknownst to the patients not actually performing it. The rate of recovery for these phantom surgeries was astonishing. “The surgery was two years ago and the knee has never bothered me since. It’s just like my other knee now,” said one World War II veteran. Rankin writes that this study “showed that a significant percentage of patients experienced resolution of their knee pain solely because they believed they got surgery. That was the first real evidence I collected that proved to me that a belief—something that happens solely in the mind—could alleviate a real, concrete symptom in the body.”

The author does not totally dismiss traditional medicine – in fact she encourages readers to consult with their physicians. But she believes a doctor’s loving and positive attitude is just as important as textbook knowledge. “By labeling a patient with a negative prognosis and robbing him or her of the hope that cure might be possible, we may ultimately prove the poor prognosis we have bestowed upon our patient correct,” she writes. “Wouldn’t we be better off offering hope and triggering the mind to release health-inducing chemicals intended to aid the body’s self-repair mechanisms?”

I liked Rankin’s emphasis on listening to what she calls “your inner pilot light – the radiant, sparkly spirit of you … It’s that part of you that is a little piece of divinity fueling your life in human form. It’s that 100 percent authentic, never extinguished, always-shining-though-sometimes-dimmed part that lights the way back to wholeness, happiness, and health.” In the concluding pages of the book she encourages the reader to write his or her own Prescription, listening to that voice within, on the best course to take for the individual’s health. She provides an example of a Prescription she wrote for herself in the book’s appendix.

“You have more power to heal your own body than you’ve ever imagined,” Rankin says, but “many people feel like that’s just too much responsibility. It’s much easier to hand over your power and hope someone smarter, wiser, and more experienced can ‘fix’ you.” Mind Over Medicine encouraged me to take a fresh look at my health, especially ways I can reduce my stress levels, so that my body’s natural healing capabilities can take over.
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Jul 01, 2013 ecardenas
For much of my life, I’ve heard that genetics plays a role in having an illness. Another belief of mine was the notion that if you have an illness, you go to a doctor, get medicine, and in some cases, you get a medical procedure like surgery, and the problem was solved. After all, conventional medicine and our doctors know more than we do about our bodies, and they can "fix" us, right? Not so is what Dr. Lissa Rankin is telling us in her groundbreaking book: Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself.

We know more about our bodies than we think we do.

In Mind Over Medicine, Dr. Lissa Rankin does an exceptional job at merging scientific evidence of modern day medicine and the power of the mind. In her book, she discusses the stress response as that which physically harms the body and the relaxation response as that which heals the body. An example of stress response would be the way in which actual stress can affect and manifest in our bodies such as a heart attack, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, etc. On the other hand, there is the relaxation response. This is everything that we can do to bring us to a relaxed state of being. For example, connecting with friends, being creative, and meditation are all examples of activities that lead to a relaxation response. As a result, eliciting the relaxation response can lead to the body's ability to self-repair and to heal itself.

Dr. Rankin shares a personal story of her own healing. In Mind Over Medicine, she states, "By the time I was 33 years old, I was stressed out, burned out, and living in a near constant state of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm." She goes on to say, "By the time I was in my 20's, I had been diagnosed with multiple health conditions, including high blood pressure; cardiac arrhythmias; a painful sex disorder called vulvar vestibulitis; severe, debilitating allergies, and precancerous changes in the cervix.”

In short, she was a "hot mess" as she describes herself in the book.

It was in January 2006 when the 'Perfect Storm' hit. Dr. Lissa Rankin writes, "I became a new mother, lost my dog, my brother wound up with liver failure as a rare side effect of a common antibiotic, and my father died of a brain tumor- all within two weeks." Her choice was to face her fears of the unknown and become healthy, or to continue to live the stressful and highly toxic life that was ruining her health. Ultimately, knowing that her life was killing her, she decided to quit her job and to move to the country. Amidst her physical and mental pain, she very valiantly proclaimed,

"When the pain of staying put exceeds the fear of the unknown, you leap." ~ Dr. Rankin

During her own healing, she embraced her life and discovered her Inner Pilot Light, or soul. The solution to her becoming healthy and whole again lied in listening to this Inner Pilot Light that we all have within us. She tapped into her higher self and listened to her intuition as to what she needed to do in order to heal. The result was a balance of her body, mind, and spirit, which she describes as the Whole Health Cairn. This Whole Health Cairn is a visual divided in four parts: love, service, pleasure, and gratitude. There are many factors like relationships, creativity, mental health, and sexuality, among others that are within this cairn that rest on the Inner Pilot Light and contribute to a person’s well being. The Whole Health Cairn can be used as a check list to determine your balance in life. At the end of the book, Dr, Rankin also provides more tools in the awesome chapter called 6 Steps to Healing Yourself. It is a plan on how to make your own diagnosis and your prescription. I am excited about all this, and I intend to use it!

Thank goodness for doctors like Dr. Lissa Rankin!

After reading Mind Over Medicine, I am more than ever convinced that the only cure to illnesses is not just through conventional medicine. Thanks to Dr. Rankin, she adds to the growing literature of the merging of medicine with spirituality. Our bodies are wired to not only cure themselves, but to heal themselves. This book offers exceptional advice on how we can become healthy, vibrant, and happy individuals. It is time for us to take a closer look at our health, to get to the root of the cause, and as Dr. Rankin says, "to make the body ripe with miracles."

Mind Over Medicine is a must read book!

Reseña del Libro Mind Over Medicine

Recibí este libro gratis de la casa editorial Hay House para esta reseña. La opinión en este reseña es imparcial y refleja mi opinión honesta del producto.

Casi toda mi vida, he oído que la genética juega un papel muy importante en determinar las enfermedades que tenemos. Otra creencia mía era la nocíon que si tenías una enfermedad, ibas con un médico, te recetaba algo, o en unos casos necesitabas un procedimiento médico como una operación y el problemo se solucionaba. ¿Qué no saben más los médicos y la medicina convencional de nuestro cuerpos que nosotros mismos y ellos nos pueden “componer?" ¿No es así? No es así es lo que nos dice la Dra. Lissa Rankin en su libro: Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself (en español sería- La mente sobre la materia en la medicina: Evidencia científica que se puede sanar.)

Nosotros sabemos más de nuestros cuerpos de lo que pensamos.

Mind Over Medicine es un libro excepcional que junta evidencia científica de la medicina con el poder de la mente. En su libro, ella hable sobre la respuesta al estrés que sería todo aquello que daña el cuerpo físicamente y la respuesta de relajación que sana el cuerpo. Un ejemplo de la respuesta al estrés sería el modo en que el estrés puede afectarnos y manifestarse en nuestro cuerpos como un ataque de corazón, migrañas, ansiedad e insomnio. Por el otro lado, está la respuesta de relajación. Esto tiene que ver con todo aquello que hacemos para estar en un estado relajado. Por ejemplo, salir con amigos, ser creativo y meditar son ejemplos de actividades que pueden provocar la respuesta de relajación. Como resultado, el provocar esta respuesta positiva nos lleva a que nuestros cuerpos puedan reparse y sanarse.

La doctora Lissa Rankin nos cuenta su historia de como ella se sanó.

En Mind Over Medicine, ella dice, "Cuando tenía 33 años, tenía muchísimo estrés, estaba agotada, y casi siempre vivía en un estado de miedo, ansiedad y abrumada." Ella también dice, "Cuando tenía veinti algo, me diagnosticaron con varias enfermedades, incluyendo, presión alta; arritmias cardiacas; una affeción sexual dolorosa llamada vestibulitis vulvar; alergias graves y debilitantes y cambios precancerosos en el cuello uterino.”

En pocas palabras, ella no estaba nada de bien y se describe en el libro como un "desastre."

En enero de 2006 fue cuando llegó el "Perfect Storm", o la “Tormenta Perfecta”. La Dra. Lissa Rankin escribe, "Me convertí en mamá por primera vez, perdí mi perro, mi hermano terminó con insuficiencia hepática como efecto secundario poco común de un antibiótico común y mi padre falleció de un tumor cerebral- todo pasó en dos semanas.” Su decisión era de enfrentar sus temores a la incertidumbre de su futuro y empezar a tomar pasos para mejorar su salud, o de continuar de vivir una vida llena de estrés y demasiada tóxica que estaba arruinando su salud. Al final y al saber que su vida la estaba matando, ella decidió dejar su trabajo y mudarse al campo. Entre su dolor físico y mental, ella muy valientemente proclamó,

“Cuando el dolor de estar en un lugar es más que el miedo de lo desconocido, saltas.” ~ Dra. Rankin

Mientras se sanaba, ella abrazó su vida y descubrió su alma, Inner Pilot Light, o Luz Piloto Interno, como ella lo llama. La solución de estar saludable y entera estaba en hacerle caso a su Luz Piloto Interno. Ella acudió a su ser superior y escuchó su intuición para sanarse. El resultado fue un balance de su cuerpo, mente y alma, que describe como el Whole Health Cairn, o Mojón de Salud Integral. Este Whole Health Cairn es una representación visual dividido en cuatro partes: amor, servicio, placer y gratitud. Hay muchos factores que están dentro del mojón como relaciones, creatividad, salud mental, sexualidad, entre otros que están sobre la Luz Piloto Interno y contribuyen al bienstar de la persona. El Mojón de Salud Integral se puede usar como una lista para determinar como balancear tu vida. Al final del libro, la doctora Rankin también provee un capítulo increíble, 6 Steps to Healing Yourself, o 6 Pasos Para Sanarte. Es un plan que te enseña como hacerte un diagnosis y escribir tu propia receta. ¡Estoy emocionada de todo esto y lo usaré!

¡Gracias a médicos como la Dra. Lissa Rankin!

Después de haber leído Mind Over Medicine, estoy más convencida que nunca que la única cura de las enfermedades no es sólo a través de la medicina convencional. Gracias a la Dra. Lissa Rankin, ella ha contribuido al crecimiento de la investigación de la unión de la medicina con la espiritualidad. Nuestros cuerpos ya están listos no solamente para curarse sino para sanarse. Este libro ofrece consejos excepcionales para tener buen salud, ser vibrantes e individuos felices. Es tiempo de examinar nuestro salud, de llegar a la raíz del problema y como dice la Dra. Rankin, de “hacer nuestros cuerpos maduros con milagros.”

¡Mind Over Medicine es un libro que todos tienen que leer!
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Jun 08, 2013 kccam
Dr. Lissa Rankin writes about going through her life to identify areas in which she could create more wholeness, and in the ‘Physical Health’ section, claims “I eat way too much cheese”. Bless you Dr. Rankin, me too. Now I want to give you a hug. Dr. Rankin is a person who has lived through tough times, some physical and some circumstantial. By working through the process of healing herself, she is able to recommend a process for writing one's own health prescription.

Many books of the mind/body medicine genre state ‘facts’ that feel unsupported. Others fail to make the connection between the mind and the body explicit (i.e., think good thoughts, increase serotonin release, insert magic, and you get well). I am most appreciative of her scientific and medical background. The author makes good use of this background to provide the results of reams of medical studies in an interesting and informative format, so there is never a point where you feel you are required to ‘insert magic here’.

Dr. Rankin divides the book into three sections. The first is devoted to providing evidence to the mind/body connection. The second section identifies areas in which the mind can create healing. The third section is devoted to the methodology that can assist you in changing your belief systems and patterns to more healthy alternatives.

Regarding this methodology, and as a coach and therapist myself, I appreciate her multiple warnings that working with belief systems and thought patterns is best done with the help of a trained person to walk alongside. The questions she poses look simple enough, but deep digging in these areas can often bring up emotional issues and old traumas that may require assistance to heal. I believe that the development of a robust prescription is difficult for most people to do alone, even with this book. This idea is mentioned numerous times by the author, and when she relates her experiences one can see that she had arranged for the assistance of skilled counselors, teachers, and guides to help her toward wholeness and healing.

All in all, I recommend this book highly. I am certainly keeping it as a reference. It is one of those gems that I wish I could hand to everyone who walks into my office. So “Brava”, Dr. Rankin. Thank you for writing a book that clearly explains the mind/body connection and provides a holistic methodology for both leading a healthy life and healing from disease.
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Jun 06, 2013 ClorisKylie

In Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself by Dr. Lissa Rankin, taking care of ourselves takes on a whole new meaning.

I chose to read this book because I listened to Lissa speak at the I Can Do It Conference, and was awestruck at the stories of spontaneous remission that she shared with the audience. In her book, Lissa relates many more examples of self-healing, including an HIV-positive patient who became HIV-negative, a woman whose metastatic cancer resolved spontaneously, a man whose brain aneurysm disappeared, and a man with a gunshot wound in the brain who recovered without treatment. Many of us know about Anita Moojani’s miraculous recovery from end-stage lymphoma weeks after having a near-death experience. Incredible but true.

It’s not all about our power to heal ourselves, however. We can also make ourselves sick by thinking sick. This is something I have experienced firsthand, and the reason I stopped reading the side effects when I am prescribed a medication.

Making ourselves sick goes beyond reading about side effects or overdoing it on Dr. Oz shows. If our spirits are hurting, our health will also hurt. If we are driven by our egos, we are likely to experience perpetual stress-responses, and if we’re always preparing to fly or fight, our bodies won’t have time to repair themselves. This goes back to the fact that negative energies weaken us (as Dr. David Hawkins proved through kinesiology tests.) If we are overtaken by anger, sadness, and fear, our bodies will respond in angry, sad, and fearful ways.

So, what do we do?

Connecting with Spirit is one of the answers. If we nullify the negative energies by replacing damaging thoughts with healing thoughts, we will already be on our way to perfect health.
Is this enough? According to Lissa, there is one more component to self-healing: Nurturing care. As Lissa expresses, “When you find your tribe, feel loved, and surround yourself with people who know your heart and accept you just the way you are, you optimize the body’s capacity for self-repair and make your body ripe for miracles.”

Lissa talks about her own awakening, when she ignored the whispers of her body until the whispers became screams for help. She stepped away from her medical practice in San Diego and moved to a small town so she could reclaim her True Self. Now, she has started a health revolution that is likely to change the way many of us view healing and medicine.

Mind Over Medicine is a call for doctors to modify their approach to healing, and a call for us to reclaim our innate power to heal ourselves. The message is clear: We can tap into a state of pure wellness now.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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