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The Numerology Guidebook

Feb 26, 2014


Michelle Buchanan has shared an invaluable tool for anyone interested in learning more about themselves. The Numerology Guidebook: Uncover Your Destiny and the Blueprint of Your Life is for beginners and regular practitioners alike. Whether your interest in Numerology is of mild interest or you are considering opening your own practice, this book will be a treasured resource.

The author's style is comfortably conversational, yet thankfully professional and not breezy and overly familiar. She has organized her book in the most incredibly reader-friendly and intuitive way. It is a natural flow to learn about a type of number (Soul Number, for example), calculate that number, and then discover the meaning. I appreciate that her descriptions of each number's meaning has depth and breadth: the descriptions provide such rich understanding as well as insight into how all relates.

Michelle Buchanan not only covers the basics of numerology, she also leads readers into more expansive aspects of this tool for insight. This is a complete resource. She also has created a guidance card deck, and I look forward to receiving the set I ordered out of sheer excitement after reading her book. I expect this deck will be as user-friendly and insightful as the book is, and they will be a great companion tool for me.

Having read other books about numerology, I recommend going straight to this one. I have had more compassion for, insight into, and understanding about myself than from any other numerology source. There is a beautiful, indefinable quality that this woman brings that sets it and her apart from others, and I'm so glad she has shared that.

I was gifted this book from Hay House in return for my honest opinion of it. No numbers were harmed in the figuring of my math, the author makes it goof-proof!
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The Third Rule of Ten

Feb 13, 2014


In the tradition of the series, The Third Rule of Ten continues to deliver! Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay have a gift for writing these stories. The mystery novel aspect is well-crafted, with story development intelligently supporting the caper. The ending makes perfect sense but you don’t predict it. The character of Ten is very identifiable, the authors wondrously make an ex-monk, ex-cop become a regular guy, lovable in his flaws. There is magic in the authors’ ability to weave spiritual aspects into human existence in their modern-day stories: it makes you realize the line between the two in your own life is really not so stark, either.

Okay, full disclosure: there was a point during reading where I began to surprisingly get turned off, despite my love-fest with the book. I felt the authors were moving toward launching headfirst, skeleton-style, down the slippery slope of controversial topics, personal views, and political standpoints–and this was detracting me from the story. However, very shortly after wondering this and reading further, I realized how it all tied in perfectly with where the story went. The same aspect that began to lose me as an audience hooked me back in as a reader. Opinions on controversial political subjects aside, I appreciate that whatever those opinions are, how the topics were addressed applicably made the story richer. The reader is left to decide for themselves in these matters, and the authors were not afraid to make the story meaningful.

Murder meets meditation: Hendricks and Lindsay have an identifiable and likable main character, as well as a relevant and well-crafted mystery. I look forward to the next rule of Ten, and will once again drop everything to read it!

Hay House graciously gave me this book simply in exchange for my thoughts about it, as part of their Book Nook blogger program. Vielen Dank!
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Power Words

Jan 29, 2014


This is an incredibly interesting book about identifying and harnessing the energy and power of the words you use. In Power Words: Igniting Your Life with Lightning Force, Sharon Anne Klingler shows how to use words consciously for a specific energetic purpose, a more complex use beyond mere definition.

The words themselves are individual and you are going to discover your own. What the author shows you is how to discover the words that will uplift and/or ignite you, and she gives examples of her own. Sharing the how and the why, she opens the door for your own further exploration.

All words have energy, and this energy can be harnessed for your deeper use and greater creation. Trigger words, power words, and lifting words all have their applicable nuances, and although I really resonate with "uplifting," you may prefer another. The point is to choose, and use, your words with intent. This practice can shape and change your life--consciously.

If you are a word lover, you already desire this book. If you are not, you will still love this book's approach.

A word to the wise? Embrace this book!

This book was given to me by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it, as part of their volunteer Book Nook Blogger Program.
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Happy Hormones, Slim Belly

Dec 27, 2013


Ok, so who wouldn't look twice at this title?!? Jorge Cruise's most recent book about healthful eating aims specifically at women over 40. This is my first experience with any of his many best-selling healthful-eating books, and I got sucked right in as his target audience. Over 40? Yep. Female? Yep! Interested in working with hormones instead of fighting and denying them? You betcha!

I learned from this book that scientific research on healthful eating plans uses male subjects because the female hormonal system fluctuates so much. This plan embraces what others have feared.

Simply put, we need to cut sugar to lose weight. (Oh, and carbohydrates really are sugars--read the book for a thoroughly understandable explanation.) But at the same time, we need more sugar than we used to, to maintain natural happy levels. (Serotonin naturally drops as we embrace this stage of life.) So, it turns out that we need to decrease what we need to add. Um...what?!?

Jorge Cruise addresses this in Happy Hormones, Slim Belly. He calls it a Women's Carb Cycling program, in which two Slim Days are followed by five Happy Days of eating. Not only are there extremely do-able and user-friendly menus, shopping lists, and recipes for a four-week regimen to get you started, but there is also a supportive and expansive online component that we can sign up for. The claim is that I can lose up to 7 pounds the first week, and 2 pounds weekly thereafter--guaranteed! In addition, it is simply a healthful eating maintenance lifestyle.

Oh, and this works for the men and families in our lives as well.

I wasn't looking for a diet plan, it's just that addressing the female fortyish fare resonated with me. After reading this, I plan to follow it as a healthy experiment.

...But not until after the holidays, as my friend Sara Tonin and I already have some girl time planned! ;)

I received this as my choice of book title from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it. No hormones were harmed in the making of this review.
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The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring

Dec 10, 2013


This is the second book by David Michie that enlightens readers through adventures of the Dalai Lama's cat. It is helpful to get the background of HHC (His Holiness' Cat) by reading the previous one first, but each is a stand-alone story in itself.

The Art of Purring is a handbook for happiness. "Not the kind of happy that comes and goes like a can of flaked tuna but an enduring happiness. The deep-down happiness that makes you purr from the heart." (Michie) If this idea ripples through your soul with peace and promise, this book is for you--whether you are a cat lover or not!

Through the experiences of HHC in each chapter, we learn universal truths about happiness:

Happiness is cultivated from within as opposed to being a result of externals.
Success is a result of happiness, not the other way around.
Happiness grows from being a part of a cause greater than our own selves.
Happiness is not found in the past, nor is it found in the future.
All we have is the now, and each day of that now is a miracle.
We all have great capacity for happiness, and can actively expand this.
When we help others, we ourselves actually benefit first.
Mood is linked to food ingested.
Equanimity and happiness are conjoined twins. (Equanimity: "mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, esp. in a difficult situation." New Oxford American Dictionary; thank you Kindle!)
We limit our view of mind, our potential is infinitely expandable.
The lessons in the chapters are gently delivered and easily received. As HHC learns, we resonate--that's a beautiful gift.

I received this book from Hay House in exchange for the purpose of review.
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Assertiveness For Earth Angels

Nov 11, 2013


I repeatedly passed over selecting Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to Be Loving Instead of "Too Nice" of the available titles from Hay House's Book Nook blogger program before finally deciding on it. Don't get me wrong, I love Doreen Virtue's work--I just didn't feel I qualified as an Earth Angel.

Then I read the preview. The Table of Contents alone had me hooked, so I downloaded the book and began to read.

Has she been following me around?!? Right from the preface, I completely resonated with what I read, and this book was helpful and supportive all the way through.

The book is divided into four sections. The first three explore maintaining boundaries while still being true to yourself through the scopes of personal, in relationship, and with the world. The fourth section provides supportive ongoing life guidance and tools.

That's the layout of the book, here's its heart:

This book will help you identify and maintain your own boundaries, while at the same time remaining of service to others and causing no harm.

If that sounds at all interesting, or if it makes you think of someone you know, go get this book right now. It is God's voice moving through, let it happen.

I was gifted this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it. No FTC disclosures were harmed in making of this review. ;)
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The Heart of the Matter

Oct 24, 2013


The Heart of the Matter: A Simple guide to discovering gifts in strange wrapping paper is a collaboration by Dr. Darren Weissman and Cate Montana, M.A., and I was given this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it. If you are familiar with Dr. Weissman's LifeLine Technique, this book is the See-Feel-Hear Challenge in a nutshell. If you are not familiar with this, don't worry--I wasn't either and I still gained much!

In all honesty I don't think I ever fully grasped the See Feel Hear Challenge the exact way the authors would have intended me to. I did, however, enjoy a profound awareness that awakened within me because of reading this book--so I think that still counts!

1. Ask myself the truth question. I am now more tuned in to observing when my body is talking to me through a negative symptom, whether it's a headache or judgmentalism. Since I am able to choose the creation of my life, would I ever consciously choose to experience this? "Hell, no!" (That's Chapter 2, by the way.)

2. Set my intention. Am I ready, willing, and able to change what I have just identified through my truth question? "Hell, yes!" (That's Chapter 3.) In my intention I focus on where I want to be instead of what I want to change--as if I were already there. Immersed in the feeling of the desired result is where we want to be, folks--claim it now.

3. Give each emotion its attention. When going through Hell no! and Hell yes! emotions become more easily identified. By being identified, they seem to increase in number--in fact, at times similar to a zombie horde--but that's just because we can finally see what is already there anyway. Allow each to have its say, and listen. Each one is a learning gift, and the only way they will eat you alive is if you ignore them.

This book helps readers to connect our experiences, emotions, and subconscious messages--and thus to move through them, positively. Whether you are beginning this concept for yourself or consider yourself a seasoned practitioner, you will grow from reading this book.

Remember that everything you hope to become, you already are. Claim it by feeling it now, instead of waiting to see if it happens in the end.
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Money, A Love Story

Sep 29, 2013


Money A Love Story is a phenomenal book by Kate Northrup. This financial guidance is elevated through its unique approach: loving yourself equates to abundance in your financial life. In other words, your money ain't all about the money, honey.

Now, before you start thinking that this is a woo-hoo book telling you that all you have to do is be positive and you'll get rich, think again. This path is definitely about specific personal action, but it does so from a perspective of self-acceptance, dropping shame, valuing oneself, and celebrating that you are inherently a unique contribution to the world.

Kate shares her background and experience, which shows readers that she has lived the full financial spectrum and knows of what she speaks. She's been in a financial black hole, she's pulled herself out, and she's opened into abundance--and we can, too. Her whole point is to share this knowledge and to empower others how to create the same for themselves.
Philosophy marries practicality in this money love story. Through tangible exercises you will understand where you come from with your finances, as well as specifically define where you want to go and how to get there. The downloadable workbook can either be printed out or worked digitally in a savable pdf as you go through the book. There are also many tools and resources provided concisely at the end for easy reference and support.
Necessity is one mother of an inventor--you can quote me on that. We all have our financial stories, and through this book you will learn how to mindfully write yours the way you choose, from this point forward.

Anyone who ever uses money will benefit from this book, whether you consider yourself "bad with money", a "financial genius", or anywhere in between. Additionally, anyone who may be looking to expand their self-awareness (even if not financially-related) will also gain from reading this book.

In my financial learning I have also been helped by Dave Ramsey, for whom I am also very grateful. Learning from Dave is like learning from your father, whereas learning from Kate is like learning from your sister. Get it?

I received this book from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.
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Mind Over Medicine

Aug 18, 2013


Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, by Lissa Rankin, M.D., is a powerful perspective for anyone to consider.

Mind Over MedicineThe author is a credible and successful physician who is radically overcoming conventional medicine's approach of doctor authority over patients. The message is that we do not need to hand our healing power over to have someone else "fix" us, that we each have more healing power than we have ever imagined, ourselves.

Time out. In no way is she suggesting to abandon current medical care. The perspectives in this book are not either/or: there is room in this realm for all forms of healing, and it is the individual's responsibility to make wise--and intuitive--decisions.

Each of us has the power to heal our body just by changing how our mind thinks and feels. Yes, heal on a very large scale.

Now, this is far greater than simply putting on a happy face and thinking rainbows and hearts. This is a spiritual path. This is a challenge of connecting lifestyle dots, reexamining personal beliefs, and taking responsibility. This is asking yourself, "What does my body need in order to heal?" And then it is honestly looking at the answer you may receive, even if it is along the lines of:

I need to leave my spouse.
I need to quit my job.
I need to finally go back to school.
I need to leave this church.
I need to have a child.
I need to forgive ______.
I need to say no to ______.
I need to put my aging parent in a home.

The book is organized into three parts: Believe Yourself Well/Treat Your Mind/Write the Prescription. Part One talks about long-standing scientific evidence that supports this radical idea of self-healing, including the effects of both the stress and relaxation responses physiologically on the body. Part Two identifies strategies to identify personal stress-response indicators, as well as teach how to create counteractive measures. Part Three shows you how to diagnose yourself as well as write your own prescription for health, with specific tools, steps, and guidelines.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart.

Again, this is a spiritual journey. You have the capacity, and the courage. This book is your direct support, and anyone at any point on their path will benefit in some form by reading it.

I was graciously given this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest thoughts about it.
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Becoming Indigo

Jul 21, 2013


Becoming Indigo is the second novel in a series by Tara Taylor and Lorna Schultz Nicholson. As with Through Indigo’s Eyes, this is an incredibly well-written young adult novel that both young and old (ahem: and all of us in between!) will enjoy.

We now find Indie in her own apartment with two roommates, her first summer after high school. She and her friends strive for independence and responsibility, deciding the evolutions of their individual lives. The regular questions of employment, college, boys, friends, and what-do-I-want-to-do-with-my-life are accompanied by Indie’s personal lessons with her clairvoyance. Learning to trust intuition, expand awareness, open to others, and protect our own energy are universal story lines that any reader will identify with and learn from, no matter if officially clairvoyant or not.

As with the first novel, this one also handles big-time issues in an overall positive manner. Thank you very much for tackling serious, real-world subjects without devolving into and focusing upon the drama! An example of this (no spoiler alert needed) is the healthy relationship between Indie and her family members, and how this interweaves with Indie’s in-progress lessons about boys and men. Although easily able to have descended into a teen-drama summer-read, again the authors have successfully kept the book elevated, with the focus on the higher-vibration aspect of story.

I am thrilled with this novel, and a wide variety of readers will enjoy it! Like the first book, this sequel is a powerful, positive force that will enhance and uplift the reader–and you won’t even see it coming because you will be so caught up with the story itself!

Looking for gift ideas for that tough-to-shop-for teen? Give a set of these Indigo books and you will feel you’ve done something worthwhile. (And a money bill makes a great bookmark, even for non-readers. Just saying.)

Hay House has graciously given me this book only in exchange for my honest opinion of it, and my copy has been donated to our local high school library. More young adult readers need to have material like this available to them–thank you, Tara and Lorna! The next book is eagerly awaited!
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The Honeymoon Effect

Jun 03, 2013


First off, don't let the title scare you. This book is much deeper than the cover alludes to, and that is hugely appreciated.

The Honeymoon Effect is described as: "A state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting from a huge love. Your life is so beautiful that you can't wait to get up to start a new day and thank the Universe that you are alive." Oh my goodness, doesn't that sound appealing?!? This book truly is for more than looking for a healthy life partnership.

Yes, this is a relationship book. And although much of it is aimed at the love story of my life, I also gained insight into my friend and work relationships. As with many things, Rumi's included advice is a good touchstone: "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

What I appreciate about this book is that although Rumi's words are indeed true, the reader is never burdened with carrying the weight of a relationship single-handedly. This book helps you see how to align yourself with and create truly healthy interactions, how to spot the ones to avoid, and how to maintain yourself in the ones you may not be able to escape.

The concepts of biology, quantum physics, chemicals/hormones, conscious/subconscious minds, and chemical bonding as an example for relationships are important aspects of understanding this Honeymoon Effect. Whoa, don't panic! The author, in a magnificent feat of teaching, somehow explains each in their own chapter in a way that is very flowing, incredibly easy to read, and completely understandable on a personal and daily level. Who knew?!?

Doesn't "Our Drive to Bond," "Good Vibrations," "Love Potions," "Four Minds Don't Think Alike," and "Noble Gases: Spreading Peace, love, and Tulsi Tea" sound...well, not like academics? Even maybe intriguing, and fun? They are!

Two things personally rose to the top for me in this book: the author's sharing of a toxic relationship, and some quantum physics language I learned.

First, this book reinforced that it is okay for me to acknowledge toxicity, that it exists. That because I can pour much love and goodness into such a relationship with a person is not enough of a reason to do so. That perhaps I alone can not fix it. To not talk myself out of or rationalize visceral reactions I may receive. That I am not making them up or overreacting, that predators do exist. And that they by their nature search us out.

I was focusing on positive thinking, which meant I didn't want to think about or acknowledge the reality of human predators. I was also trying to focus on forgiveness.... "He wasn't such a bad [person] after all," my rational mind was telling me. All the while, my still erratically behaving heart wanted to escape! ....We override our feelings when our rational minds focus on words, especially when the're spoken by silver-tongued swindlers.... (p. 27-28, Kindle version)

Now when I encounter such people, I am much kinder to myself. And, if I'm to be honest, I'm much kinder to them because I don't need to be so angry or protective with my energy. I'm much more able to detach in their presence, keep myself safe, see the situation with open eyes, and act accordingly.

Secondly (and this one makes me laugh out loud!), I am having such fun with the quantum physics language that I learned! It's not necessary for understanding the book, don't worry--it's just a quirk of mine.

Who knew there's a name for when my energy interacts with another's--that's called entanglement. My mind jumps immediately to my spouse, and that's just fun on many levels! Those of you who have been married for a short time are likely thinking a thing, and believe me that counts. But those of you who have been married longer are laughing even harder at the depth of what that covers, aren't you?!? Entanglement makes me love the inherent emotional intimacy, especially when I think of my spouse. The word also makes me see my friend, acquaintance, and work relationships in a new light, and I am much more discriminating and aware of where and why I choose to place my energy. Another yay!

However, my favorite newly-learned quantum physics language is interference. Superb examples of dropped stones in a pond make this explanation crystal clear and is reason alone to read this book. Basically any time there is entanglement there is interference, that's all. The bottom line is that good vibes are constructive interference, and bad vibes are destructive interference.

Good news Honey, I'm "constructive interference!"

I shared this with my husband, and I can't even tell you how much laughter and mileage we are together getting out of this!

The Honeymoon Effect is a fantastic read, I was pleasantly surprised by its depth, and it is easy to follow. Anyone who is interested in any type of personal growth, specifically of the self both alone and in relation to others, will gain something from reading this book. I was fairly skeptical when I began, yet now I consider this book a must-read.

Hay House graciously gave me the book The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton, in return for an objective review of it.

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Your Hidden Symmetry

May 17, 2013


I have anticipated Your Hidden Symmetry: How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life by Jean Haner, ever since I read and loved her other two books: The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face. If you have read either of those, you will very much enjoy her newest publication. If this is your first foray into her insight, fear not–this wisdom tool is completely different from her others! If you are at all interested in learning more about who you are and how/why your life unfolds the way it does, go get this book now.

Jean uses Chinese Nine Star Ki to show readers how to find their three ”shorthand numbers” that define one’s true nature. Using these, an individual is able to understand personality patterns and see the greater plan of their life journey. She clarifies that this is not numerology–I feel if you have also explored numerology then you will definitely want to add this book to your library.

My hidden symmetry numbers are 5.9.1. The first number represents the overall personality, or who I came here to be on this journey. The second number describes the emotional self, particularly helpful with understanding the feelings and actions I turn to under stress. The third number relates to how one does their work in the world, also insightful about my recurring challenges and ultimate purpose. Deeper explanations are shared in the book, in an easy-to-discern format. It is laid out so that the reader can easily jump around and find the passages of interest, at all points along the way.

This book is another great tool for use in learning more about my unique self and how to reach my fullest potential. Affirmations from Louise Hay correlating to the numbers specifically remind me that I am cosmically sustained and loved, that I am enough just as I am. If you are even remotely interested in such topics of personal insight, growth, and support you will be glad to experience this book!

I received this book from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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Do Not Go Quietly

Apr 24, 2013


Do Not Go Quietly (A Guide to Living Consciously and Aging Wisely for People Who Weren't Born Yesterday), by George and Sedena Cappannelli, was given to me by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

The introduction reveals that over the next decades half our population will be age 50 and older, for the first time in history. This book targets the demographic revolution that is occurring and how we affect in an unprecedented manner the political, social, economic, technological, environmental, and cultural influences.

Specific population groups included here are older GenXers (40 to 45), Boomers (46 to 64) and Elders (65 and beyond). These groups are celebrated for having the opportunity, time, talent, resources, and experience to mindfully facilitate this breakthrough that is happening. Well, hey--as I both fit into the target audience and am all for mindfully furthering a direction to a betterment of an outcome, I was all excited to read this book.

I have to say I liked the large number of quotes from a variety of very familiar and widely accepted icons in the field. The personal stories of specific people who are wonderful examples of what the authors are encouraging were very uplifting and interesting. I also appreciated what a great overall message the authors had to share of continuing to create a life of quality and accomplishment, especially as we all move into this next beautiful chapter of our lives. There is a lot of very good encouragement and support for who we are, where we've been, and where we can still go--on an individual as well as collective level.

There were a couple recurring areas of struggle that I had, and so I simply treated these as "to each their own." Yet it did bog me down a bit in the overall product. Apparently more than a bit, otherwise I wouldn't feel the need to mention them....

I can get past the recommendation that one of the most valuable and powerful models of living is a commune. I suppose I can also choose to move forward from the repeated recommendation to embrace recreational hallucinogenic drugs in order to expand my spirituality. My spirituality and I are not presently confined, but maybe that's hard to imagine without pharmaceutical assistance. What the authors perhaps meant as encouraging instead felt divisive.

The most challenging aspect for me was that I felt a pervasive agenda throughout the book, when I was expecting spirituality instead.

Okay, I am fully aware that perhaps the authors and I are simply in separate demographic age groups. Or maybe we are in the same age group but have some areas of vast difference in how we experience and perceive life. All of that is well and good, and I'd like to focus on the parts of the book I appreciated more than the things that made me defensive. (Although the fact that the book had aspects that made me feel defensive is decide!) Here they are, in a nutshell:

Support for continued contribution, accomplishment, development, and personal growth. Great quotes from recognizable spiritual leaders. Uplifting life-story examples. Ultimately, we readers bring our own selves to the piece--if you are remotely interested in this book I would certainly recommend giving it your time and energy.
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The Tapping Solution

Apr 07, 2013


Nick Ortner's The Tapping Solution was given to me by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it. This book is a guide for readers to successfully use the powerful tool of tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Tapping addresses physical and emotional issues in our lives by using the enegry meridians in our bodies. Tapping on specific body points helps calm the nervous system, restore the energy balance, and rewire the brain to respond healthfully.

Not only does this book describe proven success stories in a variety of problems, it also encourages use on an individual basis for any personal issue--whether physical or emotional. Specific points on the body to tap are taught, as are language to successfully use for a variety of issues. Most importantly, identifying and individualizing your own tapping situation is encouraged and supported. This book is designed to empower the reader.

What I really like about this process is that although you may start with a physical symptom, you discover deeper, related layers to yourself. What you are ready to examine inherently surfaces, as do the tools to healthfully address it and grow. The depth of self-awareness is profound, and I found that to be unexpected.

Tapping allows you to change your symptoms right now, and I encourage you to be open to the process. Your successful symptom removal through tapping is a quick fix in the sense that the speed of change is now, but your honest embrace of what you learn about yourself is the lasting fix, if you will.

Do you need to fully "believe" in tapping for it to work? Nope--even only going through the motions provides some relief! However, my experience was that even a slight openness to its depth will bring profound results, on many levels.

For more information and resources, visit the author's website at
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Activate Your Goodness

Mar 23, 2013


Activate Your Goodness: Transforming the World by Doing Good by Shari Arison is based on the premise of "think good, speak good, do good." This philosophy is explored at all its levels: individual, family and friends, community, country, humanity, and planet. The idea that thinking, speaking, and doing good is a concept that works personally as well as in business is also discussed. I especially like that she says "doing good is good business"--and as a hugely successful businesswoman, she has the credentials to prove this! In addition to her business success, she has created the annual International Good Deeds Day, as well as the internet Gateway to Doing

Simply by reading this book my goodness began to accidentally get activated, as I find myself with the concept running through my head like a mantra. It is easier to catch my thoughts and redirect them because this book specifies my awareness. It is easier to remember in the moment to speak consciously as well, as this book focuses application of the concepts. And, I find myself following through on ideas rather than reamining in the "wouldn't this be great to do" phase, again because of heightened understanding of the process and choice of activating goodness. That's a triple threat to insidious negativity within everyday living, woo-hoo!

I encourage you to pick up this book! It is a quick read that flows well. One individual activating their goodness could just be the tipping point for all of humanity, and even if you are already on that path this book will help you take it to the next level in a subtle and personal way that greatly affects all.

I received this book from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it, for goodness' sake!
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E Squared

Feb 26, 2013


If you think, like I did, that this is another book just like all the others you have read about inspiration, spirituality, and self-improvement, you could not be more wrong.

Heck, even if it were like the rest, that in itself would still be awesome support and reinforcement. But. It’s. Better.

This is support for moving from theory into action. From knowing to experiencing. I can learn all I want about the field of potentiality (FP), but until I live it I haven’t yet understood it. This book gives nine simple experiments that anyone can do, using scientific processes so that we can prove to ourselves that we each have an active role in our relationship to this energy.

Pam’s writing style is very down-to-earth, relaxing, and funny. It’s a great read, a series of truly scientific experiments disguised as a conversation with someone you discover you want to spend more time with. E-Squared allows an individual to successfully prove the following, and I am not kidding:

1. There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.
2. You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.
3. You, too, are a field of energy.
4. Whatever you focus on expands.
5. Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.
6. Your thoughts and consciousness impact matter.
7. Your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body.
8. You are connected to everything and everyone else in the universe.
9. The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.

These are ideas that you may have read about and even experienced; this book will prove it for those that need it, and for those who may just need a reminder.

I received this book from Hay House in trade for my unbiased opinion of it. Way to go, everyone–good group effort!
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In The Shadow of a Badge

Feb 20, 2013


I read this book because I wanted to learn more about the field of angels at the crash site of Flight 93 on 9/11 in Shanksville, PA. Lille Leonardi, an FBI agent serving at the crash site, has written this memoir of her personal spiritual journey in regards to this vision she was gifted with. By sharing her journey she helps others with theirs.

The beautifully illustrated cover of the book says, “A Memoir About Flight 93, a Field of Angels, and My Spiritual Homecoming.”

If you are looking for a memoir about Flight 93 from an FBI perspective, you will not find it here. Bureau policy mandates that no classified or sensitive information be revealed, and Ms. Leonardi explains this in a succinct closing note. She is highly professional in keeping any FBI-related information general and generic.

If you are looking for an in-depth story about the field of angels, you will also not find that here. The vision she was given that she shares is incredibly powerful, profound, and pointed. The book is spent on her processing the vision and its effect on her life, rather than on the vision itself–which fulfills the purpose of her book. I give it four stars out of five because I was looking for something else, but this is still a good book.

If you are looking for a supportive story of one person’s spiritual homecoming to encourage and inspire you with your own, drop everything and go get this book! (Click on any of the links below now, and finish reading this afterward. Really. I’ll still be here for you.) If you are looking for details and depth about the angels that were present at the crash site, this is not your source.

A very human example of the ever-present divine support on our spiritual journey through EarthSchool, this book is a beautiful reminder that God totally has our back. Every time we turn around, He is there–whether we see it at the time or not. Heck, He’s there whether we even turn around or not! After reading this book, I felt hugely Divinely supported and connected, and that my incredible human-ness and journey is something to embrace.

Hay House gifted me with this book in partnership with my honest opinion of it. Their Book Nook blogger program rocks, and I am grateful!
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The Importance of Being Extraordinary

Feb 13, 2013


I just finished this wonderful two-cd audio set by spiritual powerhouses Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. What a combo! They have an insightful visit with each other, made me think of coffee with Wendy--although our audience is usually furry household pets instead of a lecture hall full of appreciative spiritual seekers!

Having recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer, I found the cd's to be aligned with the same beautiful concept of "I Am." Our extraordinary selves are described as both encompassing and transcending our ordinary selves. Our physical, emotional/mental selves comprise our fabuluosly ordinary self; our infinite soul, our Presence, is our extraordinary self. This conversation is support for recognizing our ego vs. our I AM.

A big message that I got out of this is to treasure what I am--this is the extraordinary in me. An affirmation given for this is:

I treasure my magnificence to be an awake being.

If you have read any of Wayne Dyer's or Eckhart Tolle's work, you will enjoy this cd set. If this is your first encounter with either, you will also appreciate this insightful exchange. Their interaction is synergistic, their shared thoughts are uplifiting, and their humor is divine (pun intended!). I bet even the Dalai Lama would get something out of listening to this! The first cd has four tracks, totalling almost an hour (58:23). The second cd has six tracks and includes audience questions at the end, for a total of a nice, healthy hour (66:35).

Hay House gave me this awesome spiritual support cd set simply in exchange for my honest viewpoint of it. Two listening hours very well spent, I'd say. :)
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IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed

Jan 31, 2013


This book by Faith Freed describes itself as a helpful grounding tool for those who are spiritual mavericks. If you find and value Truth from multiple places, including personal experience, and you create your own might be a Maverick!

(What if Adam and Eve could have been apes...? Not seeing a conflict of possibility there, I've wondered that since childhood. You can imagine how much my Sunday School teachers loved to see me in class....)

A possible challenge you may then face is where to find grounding for your wisdom? Where do you go for a foundation, structure, or support? It's not like there's a central meeting place for all of us who find going our own way to be spiritually nourishing. That would defeat the purpose of "going our own way." I mean, as soon as we make a group now there are group norms rather than individual...which is why we're where we are in the first place!

IS uses a visual of a sparking holy disco ball to symbolize four dimensions of this party we call life. IS stands for Infinite Source, which is also known as God, the Cosmos, or whatever name you choose to call the energy and essence of everything that exists. What I love is that IS directly connects to I AM in my own spiritual maverick-ness. (Does anybody else see that?)

These four dimensions make up the spiritual (unseen) and physical (embodied) aspects of Source and self. They are described fully in this book, as well as in application to specific big life ideas defined by chapter. These big ideas include Immediate State, Inner Stillness, In Sync, Intention/Surrender, Inevitable Symmetry, InSeparable, and In Service.

Each chapter also has a shout-out (prayer), invitation (specific exercises), and anchors (key phrases). This makes each chapter easily referenced, thus becoming a handy manual. I especially like the anchors, which puts it all in a nugget of wisdom that is easily remembered. And posted on random notes left about the house and car.

IS reinforces your already-awesome personal spirituality. It reminds you that you are not alone and weird in your view of God that you think might possibly make your childhood clergyman shudder in fear for your soul. You already know you are fine, now you know other people support you!

(I believe it was CS Lewis who, on his deathbed, was asked by his friend if he had made his peace with God. He replied, "I wasn't aware that we were quarrelling." I learned this somewhere but am unable to substantiate it. Don't put my name behind it when you share!)

Faith's style is personable and fun. This book reads like a conversation, not like a textbook. Pick up a copy and revel in not only acceptance and support, but celebration!

(So, I'm wondering. Is the author's name her real name or a pen name? 'Cause if it's her real name, what a Cosmic coincidence! (See the In Sync chapter...) If it's a nom de plume, it is utter genius. This book is truly about individual and personal faith freed!)
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All Is Well

Jan 25, 2013


All Is Well: Heal Your Body With Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition is a collaborative by the indomitable Louise Hay and the dauntless Mona Lisa Schulz. The book is a how-to guide that integrates healing methods, addressing health in these areas: medical, holistic, nutritional, and emotional. It weaves intuition and logic, emotions and fact--and produces specific direction to address and improve health.

After a brief and informative background and purpose, we jump right in a self-assessment quiz. It is safe and not scary, and it is a helpful tool to use throughout the rest of the book. You do not need to currently have a condition or issue to read the book, and taking this quiz will not create one for you! I found it helped attune me to the approach and purpose of the chapters, and will also be useful in the future (and as a parent).

The chapters are organized by chakra, or energy centers. They address related symptoms, share clinical case-study examples, and provide specific actions and attitudes that will increase and maintain health in these areas. The writing flows personably and is easy to understand.

At the end of the chapters is a resource table, a quick-guide for affirmations to address specific issues. This is easy to navigate, with three areas: Problem, Probable Cause, and New Thought Pattern. It is arranged alphabetically by Problem, and again is incredibly reader-friendly.

Through this book we are able to see a greater depth of patterns in how our thoughts, emotions, and physical health are connected, which I believe gives the individual greater power over their own wellness. It gives equality to medical science and personal intuition, never suggesting one over the other.

If you have ever read Louise Hay’s “little blue book”, you are already familiar with this type of content. However, the addition of Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz presents the science behind what already makes sense. The depth she brings is a beautiful complement, resulting in an active guide to return to repeatedly, that should be on everyone’s resource list.

Hay House graciously gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it. I got a huge chuckle out of the chakra chapter titles and how they connected recognizable song titles to related energy centers. If nothing else piques your interest after reading this review, please go look at a purchase site that lists the chapters, and share my giggle!
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