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Hay House is committed to publishing products that have a positive self-help slant and are conducive to healing ourselves and our planet Earth. We hope that you not only get a book to read, but a tool for your own journey.

Once you’ve requested a title, you’ll receive additional information about the book through email. Also, until you let us know you’ve posted your review, you’ll be able to access a page on the website that has all of the information contained in the email, as well as supplemental information.

You can read through the full process of the review below.

Review Process

Choose a title to review. Click here to see all of our available books to review.

*You will be taken to to finish your request. If you do not have an account currently with, we will ask you to create one with the same email address as your account login with the Hay House Book Nook program.

Checklist for your review:
  • Review must be at least 200 words, be honest yet professional. For tips on what to include in your review, see below.
  • Review must include an FTC disclosure statement. Please click here for more info on the FTC - Guidelines.
  • Review must include a link to purchase the book, which are included on the books resource page.
  • Review must be posted to your own blog AND a consumer site.
  • We would love the review to be done and posted within 30 days after you receive the book.
  • Log back into the Book Nook site and let us know you’ve posted you’re review by filling in the form.

Tips on writing your review

Here’s what to include in your review:

  • A short summary of the book. What was the general message of the book?
  • Your honest opinion of the content. Did it inspire you? Did it make you think?
  • Share some specific examples and how you relate to them. What specific parts of the book did you enjoy? How do they relate to your own life?
  • Would you recommend this book to others? If not, who may be interested in its content?
  • Make sure to proof your review for typos and grammar before you post.

If I really enjoyed the book, how do I write my review?

Once you’ve written a short summary, you can include your personal experience with the ideas in the book, your opinion as to why you enjoyed the content and who you would recommend the book to.

I’m not sure I liked the book, what do I write?

Although a positive review is great, it is not always the case. We would rather read your objective opinion on the book as long as you are professional when stating what you didn’t like. It not only helps us as a publisher, but prospective buyers as well.

Though we may not always agree with everything that is written in a particular book, we can usually find a few things that strike us as interesting or that made us think. Choose 1 or 2 of those ideas in the book and expand upon them by writing why you felt they were interesting or why it made you think.

Feel free to include what you didn’t like about the book (in a professional manner), state examples and give your reasoning. You may also want to include a mention of who might enjoy the content more than you.

Posting your Disclaimer

The FTC Guidelines state that any blogger who receives compensation for a review, in this case a product from Hay House, must disclose in their review that they received a product for free for review purposes.

For further information on the FTC guidelines, please take a look at our FTC Disclosure page.

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